Lake is for families, aka children, so asking them to come to a show at 8.30pm on a Friday night was not a wise programming choice.

But some came, about 25 of us, and Ryan Dittman and Jaques de Silva gave us a fine performance.

The shadow puppetry, projection, masks, clowing, timing, the action and energy all worked very nicely.

The colours on the screen, blue, yellow, green, were surreal and satisfying.

But it was stuffy in the venue and late, the projector bulb seen through the screen was burning a hole in my eye, and suddenly the story line seemed to jump and veer and … I lost the plot.

I’m sorry guys, but was it me or you?

The kids did not laugh much, but they were enraptured said my arts friend and school teacher sitting next to me, which suggests the piece is operating on another plane.

Something must be working because halfway in, after the Cloud Boys stole all the water from the desert, I got very thirsty.

I dreamed of slukking a craft beer at the Fringe Club, which I did.


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