Big Boys should just dance

Ja, Ok. I wouldn’t ordinarily have seen this. But as I’ve mentioned a couple of times here on Critter – breaking out of my comfort zones etc.

I was reminded by a clever theatre person the other day, “who are [the artists] making theatre for?”

The Big Boys Don’t Dance crew knows their target audience and they go for it, full on.

I was warned by some other clever theatre people that it is simply frivolous fun. Ok. Which is ok. They’re selling tickets. ‘The people’ want happy-go-lucky-clap-along-good-times! As long as audiences are seeking it in theatres instead of watching tv at home… I’m alright with it.

They’re taking the piss, obviously. No one could take themselves seriously and put on this type of show. In fact, I’m sure Brad almost corpsed (got the giggles) a few times.

Their dancing is excellent; their training shines through. But the choreography is mostly unoriginal. The ‘comedy’ is average; the ‘acting’ is shoddy – maybe it’s played purposefully that way..? ‘Cos ‘the people’ will laugh more if they know they’re only playing..? Hmmm. Maybe it’s just me looking for too much?

It’s easy. It’s obvious. They say it straight to our faces: all we want to do is entertain an audience. The crowd goes wild.

I suppose there’s some attempt at a ‘message’, however superficial – don’t think all male dancers are gay, don’t stereotype us as being sensitive. Don’t they realise the stereotypes they present kinda just make it worse..?

The crowd roars when Ash appears in a dress. They roar again when Brad puts on an effeminate voice whilst instructing ballet. The stripper is referred to as “it” because she has a ‘manly’ voice. Ja, not cool.

I know it’s meant to be comedy. I know they’re trying to say that dancing can also be manly. Your audience is maybe getting that point, but along with it they’re getting the message we should carry on laughing at male dancers who aren’t ‘manly’… While we’re at it let’s just mock everyone unmanly.

If you want to switch off for an hour and tap your toes along to thumping tunes, ok, it’s your time and money. Sorry boys, but I think you know full well what you’re doing… – Sarah Roberson

Big Boys Don’t Dance is on tonight (04/10) @ 8.30pm @ City Hall. Click here for production info.

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