The Critter is the go-to publication for reviews at the National Arts Festival. With a team of experienced writers, together with fresh voices to keep us with the times and prevent the veterans from becoming stale, we will be publishing articles on a daily basis for the duration of festival.

If you want to boost your show, we offer personally written previews and banner placements, with various slots to suit your budget. Here’s what you can choose:

Preview of chosen artist or production based on an interview conducted by a The Critter writer. A preview comprises a minimum 600wds plus a supplied photograph, and is cleared with the interviewee(s). Copy shall be marked as paid for.

Placed top of page for 24hrs* R2 950**

Placed top of page for 12hrs* R1 720

All previews will receive social media distribution on The Critter and National Arts Festival social media accounts.

Banner image with clickthrough to advertiser’s site or National Arts Festival booking page (300px wide by 420px high):

Top position R470/24hrs*

Second position R430/24hrs

Third position R400/24hrs

Fourth position R370/24hrs

*24hr period = 12h00 – 12h00

*12hr period = 12h00 – 00h00

** The Critter is a publication of West Cape News CC, a VAT registered company. All prices shows are inclusive of VAT.

Discounts are available for three or more advertising purchases. Advertisements are only displayed once proof of payment is received. The Critter does not run accounts.

To advertise, contact Steve Kretzmann on:

Cell – 083 348 4936

Email – /

Editorial independence is jealously guarded. The Critter reserves the right to review advertisers’ productions. All reviews are the independent views of the author. /