Wole Soyinka’s new novel is an exuberant takedown of a corrupt state

It is a mighty tome from the great Nigerian writer. Chronicles From The Land Of The Happiest People On Earth is a mire of poetic prose. It is possible to sink in … Read More

Everyone Dies: No gauche debutante

​Not thinking about death – our own and that of the people we love – is probably a mechanism of the mind that prevents us from being paralysed by its … Read More

Cantos of a Life in Exile: Simplicity of the soul’s song

Simplicity can be deceptive. Zero, for instance, seemingly containing the simplicity of nothing, contains infinity, as does one, which can be replaced by ‘a’, as in: a universe. So it … Read More

Bitchin’ in the kitchen: Steady on

Former Standard Bank Young Artist Award winner Jefferson ‘J.Bobs’ Tshabalala auctions his ‘Seen Pha’ brand of clothing during a Sundowner slot at the Monument during the National Arts Festival. Photo: Steve Kretzmann

Expression, Zorg, more expression!

Woke this morning, heaved off two thick blankies, and a duvet and rose, dragging a sheepskin insulator snagged somewhere in my shambolic stumble. Kettle on, pour a cup of Masterton’s … Read More