Unmasked: Into techno nothingness, they danced their story, and we got it

I am going crazy with this digital platform. There are Lindzay Naidoo and Klyde Williams literally Unmasked, and performing their hearts out on my dodgy laptop screen.

I am late to the show, something about the process of having to order the ticket and then go to the programme to get your fliek is not good enough for the techno Saurons who design the system. No, you have to push “watch” in one of your sub menus in the digital sewers at the bottom of the page.

Why am I so irritated? Because I want to be there with Lindzay and Klyde. Damn, they look so good together as they dance out the joy of being young and the darkness of lockdown, in a pandemic and in a mind.

I want to see the air move, hear their breath pop, feel the boards thump with bare feet, hear their costumes flap and crack. I want to




And I do. The lighting is simple, the set even simpler. A block, they are on the block, and a glass cage. Looking through the lens of these shitty times.

I am in now. I get it. The mood swings, from young, exuberant jiving, to some very dark stuff.

This is not a piece to be “enjoyed” but I do enjoy it! I love the dance, the timing, the feeling, it’s so on point. It needs to be embraced, not from this flippin computer, but from the bleachers. They need to tune in, to commune with our intensity as we get it.

A marvellous little vignette, tight, rich, melodic, jarring, everything dance does.

And though you danced in the ether of techno nothingness, you were never alone. We were there.

You burned bright. Thank you.

Look out for Unmasked being loaded onto the video on demand programme at the National Arts Festival.

Concept: Lindzay Naidoo & Klyde Williams
Directors & Choreographers: Lindzay Naidoo & Klyde Williams
Artists: Lindzay Naidoo & Klyde Williams
Photographers: Chadley Fortune & Cassidy Niekerk

Graphic Designer: Liam Raker

©2021 The Critter. This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.Edit

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