NAF gig guide Pt1: Hoist that flag

Like a character in a Tom Waits song, the National Arts Festival once more sticks its fingers in the ground, heaves and turns the world around. Amidst the ruin and … Read More

Book cover with inverted question mark

We Are Bellingcat: Holding power to account

Conspiracy theorists have at least two positive qualities: They are sceptical of authority, and they are willing to challenge the status quo. Unfortunately they stop there and don’t apply the … Read More

Little gods: the flawed origin of our world

Blessed are those who have an uncomplicated relationship with their mother, for of all human relationships, it must be the one with the most potential for complexity. We owe her … Read More

Girl A chooses the door with the question mark

Pre-meditated cruelty, the cruelty that oozes from a sense of power and entitlement, appears to be a uniquely human attribute. This may be because cruelty demands a set of justifications. … Read More

The Betrayals: Born to be a best-seller. Ugh!

The poorly written book is a fascinating phenomenon. Unless you bump into Melinda Ferguson, it is notoriously difficult to get a novel published. Best-selling writers such as John Grisham, James … Read More

Inking an end to 2020

Trans-disciplinary artist Sue Pam-Grant, 58, has a new tattoo. It states: “All of The Gone 31.12.2020”. She says: “It is my first tattoo. I was inked on the last day … Read More

Coventry: Getting to the bottom of things

Cusk’s philosophical musings seem a by-product of a conversation with herself, to which we as reader are invited to participate. She freely considers other possibilities; that yes, things can also be viewed in a different light.

Big Apple tempts Zim actor

Zimbabwean-born Vongai Shava is making a go of it in New York despite a global pandemic. For performers and artists around the world, 2020 has been a year of dissipated … Read More

Lionel Shriver’s The Motion of the Body Through Space: Misanthropy, marriage, and exercise in a crowded world

If you feel an involuntary blush of irritation at a peleton of cyclists taking up half the lane, or clacking over self-congratulatory lattes as their bicycles comprising small fortunes take … Read More

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