Seven Ways to Say Goodbye: Bearing witness

‘Jabu.’ A name. The only word uttered on the stage of Seven Ways to Say Goodbye is simply spoken. It is delicately given voice by a dancer who looks behind … Read More

Spectres come to life – Hamlet’s not done

Show, don’t tell. The actors and puppeteers do precisely that, turning Shakespeare’s timeless play into a visually immersive performance, the expressive faces of the puppets as engaging and sinuous as … Read More

KAK: It’s scarily good shit!

We are searching for new voices, new movements, something, anything, because everything is kak. Now about the play, it is profoundly pleasing that Josias Dos Moleele and The Market Theatre … Read More

Ghetto The Musical: Chaotic township energy

Let’s get rid of the ghetto I hope I don’t die for a long time. I still got things I want to do and look at and boys to talk … Read More

Spanish Steps: Last Laugh at the bottom of the ladder

If this play feels like déjà vu, then you are exactly where you should be. Spanish Steps pits dreams and folly in such intimate proximity that it trips you into … Read More

12 Labours: Transgressive tour de force

In rainbow stockings and severe glittering stilettos, a thick notebook clutched under his arm, Gavin Krastin, this year’s Standard Bank Young Artist of the year (we better name the bank … Read More

Corponomy: Dancing in the white cube

The gallery space is filled with the body in motion. It’s an interesting scene – a series of screens surrounding a silvered plinth. Light flickers off the walls, figures posture … Read More

We Regret to Inform You: Writing towards repair

Between my finger and my thumb The squat pen rests. I’ll dig with it. – Seamus Heaney There are tears by the time Wezile Harmans finishes his performance. Left in … Read More

Strateng: A street sign is a premonition

The sense of place is immediate. There is the sour rot of refuse, the acrid smell of burning plastic. Endless stretches of cold, hard concrete. A street sign signals a … Read More

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