Once Removed: A clear view of art world bollocks

Behind all the impeccably clean (sterile?) exhibition openings propped up with champagne or wine and addresses by eminents, the jet-setting to biennales on international shores, and auction prices that resemble … Read More

Vroom! Vroom! Performance rubber hits the art road

SBYA winner Angel-Ho gets festival’s engine revving Vroom! Vroom! Potato, potato! goes the familiar rev and idle of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as the doors at the back of the theatre … Read More

A man walked into a bar

Sometimes I have to lean in is a gutting dance performance that puts its hand into your emotional chest and rummages around, producing fart jokes, amongst other bits and pieces. … Read More

National Arts Festival battles to get much-need lottery funding

One of the major funders of arts and culture organisations in the country, the National Lotteries Commission (NLC), has declined to provide funding for the National Arts Festival (NAF), which … Read More

Dog Rose barks up the right tree

She’s a sassy young one. Bit of a bitch actually. To her mom at least, not her dad. But we discover she has her reasons. Her friends we don’t meet. … Read More