Comedian covers himself in gore

One of Cape Town’s favourite comedians has become a power-drill-wielding killer. Rob van Vuuren, known for extracting belly laughs from the audience with his tales of family life and acting … Read More

Harlem Shuffle: The art of not breaking

Is it possible for a person with a modicum of ambition to be straight in a crooked world? This may be the central question of Colson Whitehead’s tenth novel, Harlem … Read More

Snapped: Grief isn’t pretty

To take a young version of yourself – as a child, perhaps – and hold them. Just hold them, and say sorry. Therein lies the poetry within the sentimental postcard … Read More

Give us more guns: Answers to violence in South Africa

Thousands of police-issue guns – the made-in-South-Africa 9mm Z88 – have been sold to Cape Town gangs since the mid-2000s to early 2015. The flood of guns to gangs saw … Read More

No kitch’n to bitch in: Critter screen skinner and NAF awards

Things can always get worse. It’s a frightening and comforting condition. Frightening because, well, worse. Comforting because if there is no bottom, then wherever we are now is better to … Read More

Dance at a glance

Four short reviews of dance works on the National Arts Festival Fringe: Buya: The word means “come back”. Return. It’s about grief, but with a celebratory feel. Khensani Mathebula’s choreography … Read More

Van Wyk, Storyteller of Riverlea: A performance that leaps right off the page

Paying tribute to the life and work of the late South African author, activist, and poet Chris van Wyk is no simple task, but who better to embody his words, … Read More

What did you dream? gets under the skin

“What did you dream?” Could there be a more powerful provocation to think of what we hoped for, for our future, for this time in our lives as South Africans? … Read More

Neil Gonsalves Trio: Unassuming excellence

The Neil Gonsalves Trio has turned out to be one of the unremarked, though more refined performances on the virtual Standard Bank Jazz Festival bill. There’s an air of high … Read More

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