Inking an end to 2020

Trans-disciplinary artist Sue Pam-Grant, 58, has a new tattoo. It states: “All of The Gone 31.12.2020”. She says: “It is my first tattoo. I was inked on the last day … Read More

Coventry: Getting to the bottom of things

Cusk’s philosophical musings seem a by-product of a conversation with herself, to which we as reader are invited to participate. She freely considers other possibilities; that yes, things can also be viewed in a different light.

Big Apple tempts Zim actor

Zimbabwean-born Vongai Shava is making a go of it in New York despite a global pandemic. For performers and artists around the world, 2020 has been a year of dissipated … Read More

Lionel Shriver’s The Motion of the Body Through Space: Misanthropy, marriage, and exercise in a crowded world

If you feel an involuntary blush of irritation at a peleton of cyclists taking up half the lane, or clacking over self-congratulatory lattes as their bicycles comprising small fortunes take … Read More

asleep awake asleep: Stories on the threshold of consciousness

The first story starts with: ‘The dolphins left a chocolate in the fridge.’ Which is a near-perfect setup for the 39 stories contained in Jo-Ann Bekker’s asleep awake asleep. The … Read More

Res4Res: Arts against the machine

The increasing corporatisation of universities in which the focus is on the financial bottom line, rather than the less tangible but more rewarding project of developing and refining critical thinking, … Read More

The Nix: Prescient of Portland

What’s going on in Portland USA today, and elsewhere in the ‘States – the teargas, pepper spray, rubber bullets shot at protesters by armed men in riot gear – is … Read More

Madness: Society’s unacknowledged undercurrent

While waiting for my car’s tyres to be changed and wheels balanced in Maitland recently, I was approached politely by a young man who wanted to ask something of me. … Read More

Seen Pha Kwa J.B!: Chapter and verse

J.Bobs sticks his hand in and pulls the whole thing inside out. ‘I’m sublime on them limits, on them limits I’m sublime’. Or something like that. ‘Can’t you sing along … Read More

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