What did you dream? gets under the skin

“What did you dream?” Could there be a more powerful provocation to think of what we hoped for, for our future, for this time in our lives as South Africans? … Read More

Neil Gonsalves Trio: Unassuming excellence

The Neil Gonsalves Trio has turned out to be one of the unremarked, though more refined performances on the virtual Standard Bank Jazz Festival bill. There’s an air of high … Read More

Old Soul Waiting: Struggling across the threshold

The experience of transition is maddening. Each moment of lucidity becomes a high-high, an ‘I’ve got it feeling’ like no other. But every moment of confusion feels like a deep … Read More

SBYA Jazz: Sagacious Sisonke becomes one with the sax

Jazz composer and reedman Sisonke Xonti has found himself where, like every serious artist, he has nowhere to go but deep into the wilderness of his heart to discover his … Read More

Ruth: The sound where love is not

‘There is a sound to a woman who has never been loved,’ a mother says of her daughter. In Ruth, a poetic piece of physical theatre, a surrogate mother refuses … Read More

11 Walls in 7 Days: Psychedelic dance through the week

11 Walls in 7 Days is a surrealist trip. This piece made me feel high. And, oh, it was exactly the tonic the doctor ordered. So, if you don’t do … Read More

Azania: A story in search of freedom

Azania, the name given to South Africa black liberation movements, holds emotional gravity. In this play by the same name, it is also the name of a 14-year-old daughter gone … Read More

Metsi: Like water for dance

When water meets soil, the earth softens. Too much water, and the soil is flooded. Too little, it becomes dessicated. Water, too, needs the soil in order give life. As … Read More

Nothing here does not hear you: Voices from the Monument

It’s just after 8pm and I’m sitting at my desk in Johannesburg, although I find myself looking through the windows of the 1820 Settlers Monument and out towards the hills … Read More

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