Bitchin’ from the kitchen: Late night one-line reviews from the short table

From left, Critters Sarah Roberson, Mike Loewe and Steve Kretzmann,  It was dark and there was no water, so we drank a lot and other stuff before reviewing.

The start of Les Cenzi was so violent someone farted.

“Haaibo!” audience response in Crepuscule when Can Themba (Nat Ramabulana) crushes Jean Hart’s (Kate Liquourish) trembling little heart. We are one again.

One Zero One 777: A fun play. Did not explore the traumatic depth of its substance.

Sleepwalking Land: Interesting site-specific concept, badly played.

House of Truth: Sello Maake kaNcube) founders, calls for a line and they give it to him, through the sound system. Off book outjie!

Looking … Disappearing: Dance piece hammers men, is saved by the men. Final scene never to be repeated.

Tschopp/Mombelli: Blown by the bass, kicked in the arse by the drummer. Trombone is Tschopp.

Heart’s Hotel: The dead baby became a mat. Please don’t invite us to your rehearsal.

The Firebird: It got everything and gave nothing. We died before it did.

Cenotaph of Dan Wa Moriri: Exquisite art, horrible attendance.

Tshepang: Performer steps into the audience to comfort a weeping boy.

Siya Makuzeni: Punk-ass on stage with a defpht jam, but underwhelming.

Other kak:

We offer Sheena Stannard, Critter’s theatre-trained first-aider and post-performance caregiver. For any actor.

Inconvenience of Wings: “I won’t lie. Andrew Buckland has a wonderful winkie.”

Take the tuk-tuk. It’s terrific. Need an extra scarf.

Last words heard by performance artist Gavin Krastin at the start of Pig Headed painfest: “No Mark, we are divorced! now!”

Those damn Critters this year: The three of us at Lenita’s short table, and  Kei-Ella Loewe, Jenni-Lee Crewe, Rosa-Karoo Loewe, Sheena Stannard, and Shaun Maxwell.

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