The Apology: You won’t be sorry

Aaron McIlroy is hardly apologetic. At the start.

His ad exec Danny is in hiding for being a dumb, insensitive wit oke.

In his room, a typical white room of a white right-wing caravan park at Haga Haga — just up the road from me — his “apology” unravels.

His journey through the past is exquisitely recalled. Details so intimate, loved, and so wrong. WW2 war comics vomit racist, nationalist bile. But the art, the cartoons, are so potent — there was no TV, this was it.

We travel through an apartheid world, at once brainwashed at every point, but cracked and disjointed, it is just insane. Insanely funny. Insanely painful.
The acting is exquisite, characters bounce and dance through a set so Seffrica drek and familiar, Walter Meyer would paint it. But he is gone.

So much to be apologetic about. So much to learn about apologising.
The apologist is rubbery, groovy, such a loveable dumbass. We break with him.

Please watch this. You won’t be sorry.

Watch Aaron McIlroy in The Apology, to view on demand at the National Arts Festival from 25 to 27 July.

Writer and Director: Patrick Kenny
Lighting Design: Michael Broderick
Set Design: Greg King

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