Red Soil / Brown Soil: Sensitive ruminations of home


I experienced this duet as if it were a performed, intimately personal, journal of ruminations on home and home-coming through the spirit.
Fragments, and inter-connected stories – some poetic, others anecdotal — and visual moments are presented through vignettes using various performance modes (spoken text, object theatre, puppetry and physical expression) and a variety of theatrical elements (set pieces, lighting, sound and the delicate, tender and affectionate performances on the part of the two actors, South African Billy Langa and Scandanavian Livia Hiselius).
The interdisciplinary devised piece reflects on emotions that arise through how people walk on the land, local or foreign: a South African goes to Europe, a Scandanavian comes to Africa, walking on the soil.
When I write, “I experienced this” it is to own that I don’t want to ascribe ‘meaning’ to the piece. It is how you experience it. So warning alert, some might find it too Arts Theatre esoteric to ‘understand’ it, but I found myself weeping at the end when the artists collect back the personally meaningful objects they had entrusted to our care. — Sheena Stannard


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