Unfathomable: Exquisite consolation

Love, consideration, playfulness, inventiveness, care, and an honesty that is breathtaking in its vulnerability. These qualities radiate from Unfathomable, combining to create an exquisite work of theatre. It is intriguing from the moment we walk into the venue. Alex Halligey stands arranging and rearranging notes on a suspended perspex surface. She is surrounded by glass

Samson: Trying to bring the house down

You can’t study English literature and not have read the Bible, stated Dr Wendy Jacobson a long time ago during an undergrad tutorial. It was a revelation. All those childhood years of unwillingly reading the Testaments at Sunday school and Friday night Bible study – Friday night, for god’s sake – could now be considered

Profile: Two to Tango has us laughing at ourselves

ADVERTISEMENT It’s a Mike van Graan script, reworked after a decade to incisively cut into the intersection of personal relationships and sociopolitical context we muddle through. In true van Graan style, it dissects all the serious issues while keeping us laughing at the ridiculousness of our own hypocrisy. Cape Town-based The Drama Factory used both

Metamorphosis: Kafka transformed

Kafka. My man. Existentialism! Yes! Director Alby Michaels and the incomparable cast of William Harding, Ameera Patel, Khutjo Green, and Craig Morris (who choreographed too) do superb justice to The Metamorphosis. Quick-quick if you don’t know: The story surrounds the grim life of Gregor Samsa, a hard-working young man, and his sister Grete and parents

Phitlho (The Hidden): Uncover this Gem

A family’s secrets. A family’s shame. Show me a home with no skeletons in the closets and I’ll ask you what trickery is this. Phitlho (The Hidden) is about such a family. The relationships have broken down. Alliances perpetuate the household feuds. And of course sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes understandable. A young mother

Cellist with Rabies: Get infected

You can pick a random entry in an encyclopedia, hand it to Jemma Kahn, and she would be able to write a play out of it. Possibly an award-winning one. Dig deep enough into anything and a story is to be found. Actually, I suspect this may be her modus operandi, with the addition of

Art and money: The grooming of fest

The donkeys are still here, the drums can be heard, he fires are burning at the Albany Club where the drinks are flowing. It is warm, can cold at any point, and the shows are on! Many, many changes have gripped this original idea of poet Guy Butler’s for a monument to living arts and