Lucy: Treat for travellers on Long Street

  The initial plan was to pop into Royale for a Friday lunch burger, and perhaps a beer. Good memories of juicy burgers and Pulp Fiction associations were enticing. But walking down from the top of Long Street, Lucy caught our eye, and a sense of adventure replaced nostalgia. We decided to go forward, particularly

Unsheltered: As our world crumbles

Barbara Kingsolver’s latest novel, Unsheltered, rejoices at the magnificence of the sky under which we are likely to die. If there is comfort to be found, a respite from the grief that sets in with the acceptance of scientific observations that our natural world is about to end, and us with it, it may exist

Salaam Stories: Good Hope tales

There are surprisingly few Muslims in South Africa. Only about 1.5% of the population according to past censuses. Surprising if you live in Cape Town, that is, where the number of Islamic adherents is closer to one in ten and the call to prayers sound across the City Bowl with sunset precision. Discovering your corner

Cape Town Gig Guide: Woza!

Your curated guide to getting out the house between 26 Feb and 5 March The year’s shortest paycheque month is here. Whoohoo! So don’t try and do what the capitalists tell you to, such as save any extra in equities or something equally climate changing. Be a responsible socialist. Spend it on artists. Here are

Deer Park Café: neighbourhood gem

On the steepening slopes of Table Mountain’s southern flank, dappled by the shade of towering iconic century-old stone pines which intersperse the view over the city to the harbour, sits a gem. Beloved by locals, especially those with children and dogs because it borders a fenced-in park for romping, the Deer Park Café is the

Gig Guide: Valentine’s and shit

   15 – 23 FEBRUARY:  An assortment of reasons to get out the house at night, and sometimes during the day. Valentine’s weekend dates: If you like your Valentine’s bloody, go to Black Wedding at Evol on Friday 15 Feb. Beware, this one is for lovers of the dark. There will be no pop and

Sainthood: Back to school

While boys’ schools promise to instil pride and passion and integrity and tradition, along with independent thought, a light has been shone on numerous incidents within the closeted classrooms, playing fields and dormitories that reveal there is not always so much to be proud about. Undoubtedly some of these schools provide their monies worth but

Milkman: Ingenious elision

  Anna Burns has written a Man Booker Prize-winning novel that will have you stopping, and shaking your head in wonder at the writing of it. A novel that is not about anything in particular. It provides no names, no places. Well, not as commonly assumed. Pronouns have no place here. Well, not of the