Zombie Attack: The fear!

Gaëtan Schmid greets us as we come into the venue (the intimate Masonic Back) with his wide, boyish smile and welcomes us into the show with an equally generous introduction. The set consists of a speaker, a beautifully crafted wooden little school desk and chair and a wall filled with post-it notes on which are

I am Somebody: The techno Olympics of happiness

By Sheena Stannard: This techno, clowning music show launches us into an immediate state of childlike glee. Swedish Sirqus Alfon is on a mission to spread enjoyment, love and self-belief. Using incredible digital tricks and visual illusions with technical high jinks, the three clown musos intoxicate the 400 of us in the Guy Butler Theatre

Quickies: Ordentlik

Ordentlik. The Afrikaans word is heard to describe… a hearty meal, a well-organised event, or a decent person. Who, or what system, sets the rules for “decent”? Well, that’s what Ordentlik asks and considers. Ordentlik is nice, neh. Ordentlik is praised. Hallelujah. Ordentlik is drilled in deep. In the dungeons of the monument to colonisers,

#Selflove: Shallow waters

The irony of Insta stares at us from our phones as we scroll down one picture, one vapid Insta-story at a time. There are academics with PhDs posting daily snippets of their lives with perky commentary a thin veil for a desperate need for validation. There’s the pretty girls and their endless selfies, the topless

Arcade: Indelibly disruptive

The irony of a live art exhibition like Arcade being held at an old power station is not lost on me. Socio-political analysis is my unforgiving mistress. So standing at the entry of this aged factory I immediately pondered the favouring and perpetuation of a mainstream masculine identity by the country’s energy complex. But once

Quickies: 2Dee

Suspend your disbelief and cross over into the shadows, is what we’re asked to do in 2Dee. Avril Cummins stitches together a series of short scenes, either with narrated stories or the soundtrack playing, and the action is played out using the ancient form of shadow play. While Avril twirls a mobile of colourful birds,

Quickies: Warona

This is why we love the fringe. Singing to give you goosebumps, enviable ensemble connectivity, and puppets in the style of Handspring. Well, that’s because the Ukwanda Puppets and Designs Collective was founded by several former members of the Handspring Puppet Company. To whoever sculpted the dog puppets in Warona, we thank you. Yes, there