Mzansi is hundreds, né?!

imageWe live in a contradictory country, don’t we? Sprawling and magnificent space but people are ‘housed’ in cramped ‘kasis and others lock themselves away in gated ‘communities’. The place of gold is a place of below-the-breadline poverty. But we have nationalism and pride in our diversity of culture and lifestyle. And amidst the social and personal struggles, the swak times, we saffas maintain our sense of humor. Jawellnofine hey?

Greg Homann directed. And co-wrote and co-devised with Daniel Geddes and Mark Tatham who perform in their comedic look at SA life: Naked Knitting & Other Contradictory Acts.

Shot okes. The show’s lekker. It’s nca. It was a kief way to spend Heritage Day, having a good chuckle at myself – my fellow umlungus – and everyone else too who make up this sensationally special country of ours.

“The persistent history of South Africa” reminds me that our personal histories are important but the shared history we’re trying to construct now (or should be trying to!) is risky. We’re going to – and regularly do – drop the towel and expose what we’d prefer to keep hidden… We’re a young country and we’re still learning… We need some nakedness every now and then to keep us humble.

The script is tight and will taunt or tickle your funny bone. Geddes and Tatham give it their all and use their acting, dancing, singing (dare we include puppetry?) and piano playing skills to knit together a fairly comprehensive critique of SA 2015.

Eskom! Whites fleeing SA. SONA. Protesting Rhodes. Hijackings. Rhino decimation. Nkandla! Freedom of speech. The crime rate!

There were a few moments needing slicking, lacking perfect comic timing… The lighting was a bit cold and bland for the fun we were having, yep, and some tech cue kinks that interfered with rhythm once or twice (but that’ll be worked out before the next show I’m sure). A few balls dropped… but not enough to have people seeking out rhino horn. (Rhino song – good stuff and poignant. As are all the parody songs.)

JaNo. Mamela my mense. Wikkel now now from your pozzie and pull through to catch Naked Knitting & Other Contradictory Acts at City Hall where you can also dop a zamalek and get tops chow.

The tribute dance to iconic SA sounds alone will make you love South Africa all over again my cuzzie. If you ever stopped…

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