Mate: Seriously sassy

It’s a love recovery group. Everyone here has had their heart broken, shattered would probably be a more accurate description. Everyone here wants to find love, again. And this time it’s going to be different. This time they won’t make the same mistakes. Sound familiar?

This is the ubiquitous conversation among women at countless lunch and coffee tables. Single women are at a loss for love.

Statistics South Africa reveals that 69% of mothers are single, never mind women in general. Mate deals with the trials and tribulations of these women trying to get over their exes and a find a new partner who isn’t a narcissist, bigot or doormat.

The characters are recognisable women saying what we are all really thinking: online dating in the modern world is equivalent to taking a trip through hell. While being painfully amusing, the characters also introduce us to bigger themes, such as anxiety and abuse, by sharing insightful tidbits of their past experiences.

There is the awfully sweet but terribly high-strung girl in her late twenties whose ex-boyfriend left a hole in her heart; the rich, snobbish woman who only dates men with a bank balance of several million; and the crass one who was definitely a tomboy at some point and invariably ends up with men who are part-time drug dealers. Oh, and let us not forget the omnipotent recovery group chairperson who dispenses fantastic advice while in reality her seemingly perfect life crumbles around her feet. Admittedly, many women would do well to heed her sermon on ‘how to spot a douchebag’.

Simple, sassy and really quite fabulous dah-ling, this comic piece goes deeper than a lighthearted chuckle and leaves you suitably amused but also wondering about the state of relationships the world-over. I do just wish I didn’t have to watch a quarter of it from an overhead projector, a wholly unnecessary addition.

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