Macho Macho: Pure male

Two dancers, Macho Macho, tumbling, lifting, holding falling competing supporting slapping fucking posing flexing preening.

Again. And again. And again.

Tumbling rolling lifting holding falling competing supporting dragging fucking tumbling rolling lifting falling competing supporting dragging fucking holding.


Well done. Work harder.








The holder becoming held. As strength ebbs the dominator becoming the dominated. Slipping slowly. Position cannot be maintained. To be on top is to defend.

How frail the male. So beholden to the gaze of others. Lacking the ability to hold life, must continually prove he is worth life, a being whose worth is determined by his ability to obtain, conquer and defend. All physicality; muscle of the body, muscle of the mind. Bound to be forever kinetic or cease to be of worth.

Macho Macho gives all this, and more.

Caught within their own reflections, held by our gaze, Anton van der Sluis and Jurriën Remkes are slaves to their performance. Begging our approval.

Discomfort creeps in, knocks louder. Then louder.

Should we leave? Will that free them?

This is for us. It is a display. It is an appeal.

A theatre of cruelty, we cast as sadists, masochistically suffering in tandem. Lust for violence, proud for pain.

And shame

Again. Again. Again, again again again.

Different. The same.

Nothing to gain.

In a gai




And bear it.

Igor Vrebac directs. No compromise.

Bare it. Bear it. Continue to bear it. No words, no complaints.

Sweat and silence: pure male.

Macho Macho won the ‘Best of Amsterdam Fringe 2016’ award and is at the National Arts Festival until Friday 7 July. Book here

Idea, production and direction: Igor Vrebac
Featuring: Anton van der Sluis & Jurriën Remkes
Coaching: Maarten Lok
Sound design: Wouter Gulikers
Production: Daphne Storms

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