World Famous: K mos…

YOU could see on his face that South London comedian Steven K Amos could not quite believe how receptive his South African audience at the national arts festival was to his abrasive attack on sacred SA cows. 

So he gave it to them.

Car guards in Grahamstown’s High Street were given the jibe: “I can drive! I can park my own f***** car!”. How could we call Grahamstown a city just because it has a cathedral, “It’s a village man!” and the Pick n Pay was not spared: “You pick you pay, you don’t pick and run away! WTF!”

Four hundred festinoes filled the front rows of the Guy Butler theatre and they loved being looked at from the outside.

He cut into racial stereotypes, played with his thick London and Nigerian accents, and did a lot of education about sex, being black and gay. “The talk, did your dad give you the talk?”

His best laughs came from lampooning the the British royals, especially Prince Philip who he said seemed to pop up everywhere, and “will just never die”, and a quip about Zuma also hanging on.

It was a long show, with an interval, but the BBC star who is on a world tour, took it to the full one hour and 45 minutes, before thanking his audience who gave him a standing ovation.

You can catch him for his second and last show at the National Arts Festival tonight. Book here.

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