J. Bobs Live – Location Lekeyshini Lokasie: It’s blind

Jefferson Tshabalala aka J. Bobs. Image supplied.

Alright my chommies, you’ll need to head to J. Bobs Live – Location Lekeyshini Lokasie to understand that headline… or if you already do, then you know to go, mos.

It’ll cost you one pinkie and two tigers, and in return you’ll experience a whirlwind Township Tour like no other.

Get your gameface on neh, sort your Mzanzi lingo; and prepare to play.

Two teams compete. The timekeeper’s clock ticks. The game? Each team representative must figure out the word on the screen they can’t see, by piecing together their teammates’ clues on how to sound it out.

We shout and gesture, break it down and find ways to explain… ways to communicate… find ways to work around our different understandings and uses of language.

Hmmm… if we can do it in the game, we can do it in real life, not?

We mightn’t always be successful but we South Africans will at least have a laugh trying. We’re on the spot, we’re vulnerable, we’re exposed, but also, we’re all having fun. Together. Playing and collaborating.

J. Bobs Live is sketch-show, skit-show comedy. You’ll have a great time. But behind the fun, the games aren’t arbitrarily thought up – there’s purpose behind each one – like revealing the art of communication and its necessity, or recognising the creativity in an unofficial ‘kasi language spoken by the country’s majority.

Preconceptions and misconceptions are played with too. How many times have you been into the township? That township tour doesn’t count, hey. Cue the whities listing all the times they ‘went in’. And the reasons why. No one checks with the black team members how many times they’ve ‘been in’. But when a white girl can Gwara Gwara – and well – everyone’s surprised!

With my white perspective… JaNeh, J. Bobs Live, forces ypipo to face and admit what we don’t know about a massive part of our country. There’s no place to hide ignorance here.

J. Bobs is a tough taskmaster; he keeps us in check. But the crowd as participants determines the overall experience. Sorry J. Bobs, I reckon we weren’t a particularly good crowd – some of us a bit old (perhaps) and we were few, too. I can imagine the uncappable energy in that Hangar venue if it’s even half full.

Jefferson Tshabalala (J. Bobs), has cleverly found a way to allow us to discover in our actions and (lack of) knowledge, where our country measures up in social cohesion. But we’re able to take away our own unique experience too – be it a fun night out, or a revelation about the language you do or don’t speak, or a booster shot of love and appreciation for our unique South Africa.

Shot a lot, J. Bobs.

J.Bobs Live – Location Lekeyshini Lokasie is on tonight (06.07) at 21.00 and tomorrow (07.07) at 17.00 & 21.00. Click here for more information and bookings.

Featured Artists: Jefferson Tshabalala, Phillip Dikotla, Rethabile Mothobi, Nontobeko Mkhatswha
Company: Kiri Pink Nob
Cinematography: Gomotso Morobe
Dramaturge: Nicholas “Pule” Welsch
Technical Advisor: Emil Lars

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