Get your village greens

selina white

Village Green director Selina White and Amy Carolus .

Grub is an art.  Sometimes it’s just grubby.

But Village Green seems to be going somewhere new this year.

Diversity has arrived and there’s definitely an emphasis on more fresh, green stuff. My spring roll (I lie, my daughter’s spring roll which I finished off) had a sprig of bright broccoli poking out of  a lot of veg, and was actually crunchy.

I cheated on my old neighbour Kaiser’s Kartoffels latkas after many years of loyalty, and tried a new arrival which was OK (Kaiser you win), and on to a gluten-free sweet potato chick-pea cake, and a hangover fresh juice from the Rasta stall run by an American with warm smile.

I forked out R50 for a slow-roasted pulled-pork shoulder burger with great sauce and fresh bun.

Can we get some more chairs at the food stalls?

I won’t rate the dry wors – tasted like dry lizard,  but Naartjie Moss’s freshly squeezed juice was a wonderful palate cleanser.

Then home to doss. Burp.

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