Empty seats is not what you want.

Put your production info on The Critter and get some bums to warm those seats.

Pre-National Arts Festival 2018 advertising rates

The Ides of March have come and gone and the National Arts Festival is looming. If you want festinos to know about your show (and also let people know if you’re having a pre-fest run), we’ve got the space for you.

Or, you might not be taking a show to Grahamstown but want to get the word out about your production, we can help you get bums on seats.

After NAF 2017, companies said they were very happy with the response from their adverts. Here’s a few quotes (promise we didn’t make them up).

“Advertising in The Critter increased our audience significantly overnight. Steve was able to capture our show in words, and articulate it in a way we simply couldn’t do.” — Michelle Douglas, Search For Productions

“The Critter profiles are very useful, they make for great promotional material.” — Ismail Mohamed, CEO Market Theatre

“The people who count read The Critter.” — Kyla Davis, Well Worn Theatre company

So, we’ve got a number of offerings to suit varying budgets:

Profile of your production. The Critter will interview you (either in person or over Skype) and write up a profile of your work. The article will be a minimum 600wds plus a supplied photograph, with copy cleared with the interviewee before publication. The article shall be marked as paid for.

Placed top of page for a fortnight R2 500

Placed top of page for a week R1 500

All profiles will be boosted on The Critter Facebook page, and be posted on Twitter and Instagram accounts.Once the advertising period is over, the profile will remain on The Critter under run-of-site.

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Top position R400/week

Second position R350/week

Third position R300/week

Fourth position R250/week

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The Critter is a publication of West Cape News CC, a VAT registered company. All prices include VAT

Discounts are available for three or more advertising purchases.

Advertisements are only displayed once proof of payment is received. The Critter does not run accounts.

To advertise, contact Steve Kretzmann on:

Cell – 083 348 4936

Email – westcapenews@gmail.com

Editorial independence is jealously guarded. The Critter reserves the right to review advertiser’s productions or not. All reviews are the independent views of the author.