Don’t be a stranger

Stranger Things, directed by Jaques De Silva, is pure fun, a physical theatre and miming delight. Ryan Dittmann plays Bronwyn, a stressed, overworked restaurant owner who just needs to make it through Valentine’s Day without any hiccups.

With nothing other than his body on stage, he brings to life a busy restaurant filled with customers, a conniving chef, deaf barman, friendly mama, sexy assistant, team of waiters, a charming Rasta, and more! He doesn’t skip a beat, shifting lightening quick between his well-imagined characters. As the restaurant fills up, the pace intensifies – building tension until its surprising end.

Now, without any trouble we wouldn’t have the zany comedy we do.

Chickens fly the coop, the Moët & Chandon mysteriously disappears, Tommy the newbie waiter charms his way into the storeroom with sex-starved Stef, the fish order hasn’t arrived, the queue is never-ending…

Will Bronwyn cope? Will he make it home to his wife on Valentine’s Day? Will the strange shenanigans cropping up, be explained?

Dittmann and De Silva make a great comic team. The story line is crafted, the lively characters are a hoot, the energetic performance is impressive. And it’s cleverly detailed in mime: a kitchen swing-door, a heavy bar hatch, a brawl or two…

Our small Sunday evening crowd tittered and giggled throughout. This type of show needs a roaring crowd though, giving back the energy Dittmann gives us. He drops the ball not once. Stranger Things is highly enjoyable so grab a big group of pals, and treat your selves to this imaginative comedy.

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