Crazy couple in cabaret comedy

Acting is fun!

In fact, who is having more fun here? Actors Aaron McIlroy and Lisa Bobbert or their audience who lined up 30 minutes before the show to fill the Scout Hall​.

The ever-popular Durban husband-wife duo are reverse evangalists, gurus who present a “motivational” television show.

In rendering the 7 deadly sins undeadly this cabaret debunks conventional morality and the ethical rules we are taught.

McIlroy and Bobbert get their audience guffawing again as they expertly play numerous characters in Susan Monteregge’s highly entertaining satirical script.

Under the more-than-able direction of Steven Stead, whose work is so cooked, it’s crazy, the couple had us all eating (gluttonously) out of their every orifice.

And they sing beautifully.

Some of the characterisations are so extreme you might find yourself clutching the leg of your neighbour in sheer mirth.

The house was full, the laughs plenty, the irreverence and sense of sacrilege naughty and enticing.

7 Seven Deadly Sins

Scout Hall, 2-6th July


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