Cenotaph of Dan wa Moriri: A masterpiece presented to empty seats


Tony Miyambo’s performance is exquisite in a play which is a poignant cenotaph to a beloved father.

Staged before, well-reviewed and positively talked about, why were there only about eleven of us in the audience to watch this sensitively rendered production?

It seems both sad and a loss, for both potential audiences and the conceptualiser and performer, Tony Miyambo, that there were so very few audience members experiencing this absolutely exquisite show about the death and therefore loss of a beloved father.

The play itself is Miyambo’s Cenotaph – a monument erected in the memory of a person whose remains are elsewhere- to his father, who seems ever-present in the production just as Miyambo longs for him to be in his life in the weeks and months after his death.

Gerard Bester’s direction holds the tenderness of this piece in seamless crafting, and the writing, performance and staging are unobtrusively brilliant.

So, why do so few people have it on their To See list?

However intimate this piece is, in too big a venue, Miyambo’s play about loss also has a loss of audience, which is their loss!

Cenotaph of DanWa Moriri runs until Saturday 9 July. Programme notes and bookings here.

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