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Profile: Malik Work – NYC meets NAF

ADVERTISEMENT New York City in Makhanda, courtesy Malik Work. He was born when hip hop was born, in the city it was born. He’s been penning verses since he was a school kid. Now he’s bringing it to the National Arts Festival, on the Fringe. It’s developed a bad rap, hip hop, but Malik’s on

Blue Note Tribute Orkestra: Ancestors breathe

Two musicians can play the same note on the same saxophone and yet, and yet there will be an indefineable difference. Something to do with the way the note vibrates. Something to do with the breath, with the landscape absorbed by the player, manifest in an aural abstraction. Sisonke Xonti has it. That quality that

The Borrow Pit: Jemma draws blood

The director of a mediocre musical designed to entertain rather than challenge its audience berates the actors during rehearsal. A little dictator of the stage, he lashes them for small lapses with highly personal insults. And they take it, apologise and play the line again, which leads to new insults. And again and again, the