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Shakin’ booty in Tutu’s tavern

Only in Cape Town will you find a smooth, schweet dinner-jorl venue buried in the basement of one of our most famous kerks, St George’s Cathedral. The Crypt, in silky navy, with granite pillars and plaques checkering the walls in rememberance of umlungus who got Darwinned by the (bleeps), is an oddity if ever.

On a limb

It’s touching, hilarious and exciting watching the NAF get into their groove far, far out from their comfort zone. I got the tour. City Hall, acres of grand olde space meets the bunting fairie lights, the Jackson Pollock-splash logo. Dudes in climbing helmets and harnesses stepping out the clunky little grill-door lift, and funky, weather-proofed

Taking off!

A threeway whatsap natter at night births this humble critter. Our first gig is to cover the inaugral Cape Town Fringe Festival run by the National Arts Festival (September 25 to October 5). Our first words were to say we are independent global arts writers, though Steve Kretzmann’s “purveyors of independent thought” works equally well.