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Show some guts

Finally! A post-modernist epiphany for schmucks. Hirsch,  a tyrant, a prick, a genius, a holocaust “hollow ghost”. The boy, a foreign national fleeing post-Nazi Poland, who chose the farthest place in the world. Canada, where the ghosts of his arts community, his mother’s laugh to the death, inspired a great little theatre.

For art’s sake

The use of the word creative as a noun, as in “I am a creative”, or “creatives make it happen”, irks me. The assumption is that a creative is someone who makes a living, or functions professionally, in the creative industry, which is booming, we are told. The Department of Arts and Culture’s first creative

This democracy is punctured

We don’t cry during The Year of the Bicycle because it is soppy. We wail because it so damn defiant. We know South Africa has become a shit pit. In Inkandla we see our freedom, our dreams, our Mandela memories putrifying. Somebody obviously forgot to tell Joanna Evans and crew that that we are not

Occupying the ultimate male taboo

Guy Buttery played a few chords and I tjanked into my last cup of coffee. Guy is a South African and global musical treasure and I enjoy finding SA identity in his compositions. But these unmanly tears were, in fact, more of an aftershock. A few minutes earlier I was part of a silent bunch of