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Bitchin’ from the kitchen: Late night one-line reviews from the short table

The start of Les Cenzi was so violent someone farted. “Haaibo!” audience response in Crepuscule when Can Themba (Nat Ramabulana) crushes Jean Hart’s (Kate Liquourish) trembling little heart. We are one again. One Zero One 777: A fun play. Did not explore the traumatic depth of its substance. Sleepwalking Land: Interesting site-specific concept, badly played.

Arts not farts

In 24 festivals, I have never been unable to get into a show. Silly that, but still says something about access, and today after decades of dodgy behaviour involving using and abusing the most amazing ticket ever, my press card, I decided to buy my own tickets for shows I just want to enjoy, aside

Festival coats – check!

IT will snow on big mountain approach passes on Friday, probably in the afternoon. But the falls should not be that long, giving hope that roads will stay open. More of an issue for motorists will be a gale force south-westerly from Plett to Port Alfred, saving petrol for Capetonians. Here in Grahamstown today a

Bothering with Bodies on the Fringe

“What’s On?” write-ups aren’t much fun to do. Feeling responsible for others’ possible disappointment after ‘recommending’ a piece without having seen it. Being careful not to sound biased (I might have liked a company’s work before) and being inclusive (for democracy) at the risk of suggesting everyone see everything. Tough task. And the threat to

Let’s Get Together

Dissecting boundaries with the cutting edge. This is what contemporary South African dance is well known for. Think First Physical Theatre Company, Tossie van Tonder, Mamela Nyamza, Gregory Maqoma and his Vuyani Dance Theatre, PJ Sabbagha, and newer companies and artists such as Underground Dance Theatre and Nomcebisi Moyikwa. There are many more, including artists

It’s alive!

For the second year in a row, a minor media storm erupted in the midst of Cape Town Fringe. Last year, the inaugural one, there was Rebecca Jackman’s front page article in the Cape Times claiming “Artists cry foul over CT fringe” which was almost as shoddy an example of journalism as Tat Wolfen’s “Quo

Fucken amazing people

There are quite a few hangovers slouching around Amsterdam this Monday afternoon. Including mine. The Amsterdam Fringe wrap party carried on until 5am. Over 1 000 fishbowls of gin & tonic were sold at the Fringe Theatre bar over the last 11 days, and probably about a third of them were consumed last night. Artists,

Bird or boner?

I am always curious when the fest sales figures come out. They will be out at noon, promises CEO Tony Lankester. There’s always a bit of a moment around these dull stats as if, after 41 years, the I-told-you-so grundies, and those in the arts who hunger to have the extravaganza land on their big-city

Comedy has wilted

Comedians took a hit at the NAF Ovation awards ceremony on Sunday morning. To whit: “Judges noted that this year is the first time a stand-up comedy act had not received a Silver or Gold Ovation Award. They said South African comedians should perhaps push themselves out of their comfort zones to present fresher, edgier