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Open Book: Imagine a city

Ironically, post-apartheid government policy has reinforced the spatial inequalities in our cities that apartheid shed so much blood to create. This is despite the “massive redistributive investment” to alleviate poverty since 1994, says Prof Edgar Pieterse, who is the director for the African Centre for Cities, a UCT-based research and teaching programme which has an

To the vibarians: Change or vokof

So a new Village Green will rise at Victoria Girls High next year. That’s 300 traders who will inhabit a redesigned space. Smaller tents, all niched, and school accommodation readily available right there. Not bad. And traffic congestion moves from Rhodes to VG where a genius is going to sort it all all out. It

Dangled: All too human

If there is any value in theatre, in art, beyond the distraction of entertainment, it is its ability to stretch our imaginations to consider experiences other than our own and that of our circle of relationships. Spend a few hours listening to talk radio and the fact that we desperately need to develop our collective

Odysseus Finn: Into the divine maelstrom

One of humanity’s greatest disconnects is from the universe. This is a massive insanity, a monstrous mental and physical trauma. Odysseus Finn is trying to heal this with sound art. The setting, the launch pad for this aural lift-off, is utterly epic; the domed City Hall auditorium with its grand architecture is prettily dotted with

Please disrupt me

Machine Makes Man: There is everything right about this acclaimed piece. Standing ovation, multi-media visual extravaganza, hi-tech, loveable characters and wonderful actors, just all fine. But. At the back of my mind there was this irritating thought that the concept they were exploring has been done. Pinched perhaps by movies and TV series. Limitless, Lucy, Her,