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Metamorphosis: Kafka transformed

Kafka. My man. Existentialism! Yes! Director Alby Michaels and the incomparable cast of William Harding, Ameera Patel, Khutjo Green, and Craig Morris (who choreographed too) do superb justice to The Metamorphosis. Quick-quick if you don’t know: The story surrounds the grim life of Gregor Samsa, a hard-working young man, and his sister Grete and parents

Phitlho (The Hidden): Uncover this Gem

A family’s secrets. A family’s shame. Show me a home with no skeletons in the closets and I’ll ask you what trickery is this. Phitlho (The Hidden) is about such a family. The relationships have broken down. Alliances perpetuate the household feuds. And of course sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes understandable. A young mother

Cellist with Rabies: Get infected

You can pick a random entry in an encyclopedia, hand it to Jemma Kahn, and she would be able to write a play out of it. Possibly an award-winning one. Dig deep enough into anything and a story is to be found. Actually, I suspect this may be her modus operandi, with the addition of

Red Soil / Brown Soil: Sensitive ruminations of home

  I experienced this duet as if it were a performed, intimately personal, journal of ruminations on home and home-coming through the spirit. Fragments, and inter-connected stories – some poetic, others anecdotal — and visual moments are presented through vignettes using various performance modes (spoken text, object theatre, puppetry and physical expression) and a variety

Salaam Stories: Good Hope tales

There are surprisingly few Muslims in South Africa. Only about 1.5% of the population according to past censuses. Surprising if you live in Cape Town, that is, where the number of Islamic adherents is closer to one in ten and the call to prayers sound across the City Bowl with sunset precision. Discovering your corner

Sainthood: Back to school

While boys’ schools promise to instil pride and passion and integrity and tradition, along with independent thought, a light has been shone on numerous incidents within the closeted classrooms, playing fields and dormitories that reveal there is not always so much to be proud about. Undoubtedly some of these schools provide their monies worth but