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Trade Fair: Enough with the complaining

When the question of where arts and culture should be aligned within the ANC’s policies arose at the fateful Polokwane conference that saw Zuma elected party president in 2009, only two voices in support of the arts were to be heard. It was writer and director Sello Maseko and actor Meshak Mavuso, as Youth League

Endgame: Check? mate

You do not fuck with Samuel Beckett. There is a reason he gave detailed instructions on how his plays must be staged, and it is that he creates an enclosed world. Pull on any of the elements holding it together and it starts to unravel until all you have left is words falling off the

African Gothic: The devil turns

It took a few hours to emerge from the deep hole African Gothic threw us into, to swim out of the black subterranean river where unseen things slither across our feet, burrow beneath our skin and worm into our mind. We were pulled in the moment Liezl de Kock as Sussie and Zak Hendrickz as

Curl Up and Dye: lacks body

Set in the specific context of grey-area Joubert Park in the late 1980s, staging Curl Up and Dye now begs the question: what meaning for our present can be brought to audiences by the play today, and, given the racism of the characters, how does it relate to a dialogue around racial unity for our