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Undermined: A hot little nugget

Undermined got a standing ovation and the youth, who made up most of the audience, chattered excitedly all the way out the gate of the Princess Alice Hall. A comic-book styled African story about Jim comes to Jo’burg to become a miner (actually a Mozambican peasant) could feel odd without a single reference to the

Hard-hitting Bash

Bret Easton Ellis. Raymond Carver. These writers jump to mind while watching Neil Labute’s Bash, directed by Megan Willson. Mundane everyday activities are numbing. As Bash’s characters do, we occupy ourselves with daily work or parties or the various and varying dramas that busy our time. But what’s really going on underneath it all?

Unaffected Unexpected Man

“…the meat of a conversation obviously doesn’t lie in what’s actually said…”” (Martha) Yasmina Reza’s The Unexpected Man is often criticised for being better on page than on stage. I beg to differ. A commonly uttered phrase before one embarks on a bus or plane is “I hope I sit next to someone nice”. The

Oedipus @ Koö-Nú!: Woe is me

Greek tragedy performed well goes straight to our primal heart, tapping into archetypes that unite all of humanity. Greek tragedy done badly is a bore of actors bemoaning their fate and offering toneless philosophical monologues that test our endurance. Post-modernism done well is an incisive stab at our complacency, with irony as its sword. Done