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Where She Walked: Blood calls to blood

  The former ‘homelands’ of Ciskei, Transkei, and others up north were hollowed out by the colonial and then apartheid laws that all but forced working age men to become migrant labour for the mines – with women following shortly thereafter – and the lack of rural investment and the necessity of wages has further

At the Edge of Light: No shelter

When a grand mother fails to welcome her grand daughter – no matter how unexpected the visit – and goes so far as to be hostile and suspicious, there is an immediate sense that the natural order of things has been twisted. This is the case in Wynne Bredenkamp’s At the Edge of Light, as

Curse of the Starving Class: Stay Hungry

Anyone who believes science and art are not two parts of the same whole should go watch Curse of the Starving Class directed by Sylvaine Strike. The performance demonstrates Newton’s first law of motion that when two equal and opposing forces act on an object, it will remain in a state of equilibrium. The opposing

Angola: Skeletons in the spotlight

The torture and murder of Umkhonto we Sizwe soldiers, carried out by their own ANC comrades in Angolan training camps, and particularly the infamous Quadro rehabilitation camp during the anti-apartheid struggle, is well documented. Shocking and disturbing facts have been brought to light by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, as well as internal ANC inquiries.

Till Death: Tell it on the mountain

The tradition of male circumcison within South African cultures has come under a lot of scrutiny of late. Every July and December season the media report on injuries, amputations, and deaths that occur ‘on the mountain’, and a number of theatre productions and movies are interrogating the issue, as well as the expectations of being