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Odysseus Finn: Into the divine maelstrom

One of humanity’s greatest disconnects is from the universe. This is a massive insanity, a monstrous mental and physical trauma. Odysseus Finn is trying to heal this with sound art. The setting, the launch pad for this aural lift-off, is utterly epic; the domed City Hall auditorium with its grand architecture is prettily dotted with

Fishwives: Ride a crimson shell

Planned a sleepy start to Cape Town Fringe with Salty Pillows but that was cancelled so woke up to follow the sodium chloride theme and watch Fishwives instead. These muso migrants from the dread Eastern Cape homeland can kick up a stonk in a dive. Now they’re diving deeper, shifting the undertow in the City

Not The Futurists: A Rocking Riot

Wowzerz. Not The Futurists is a wild ride; as wild a ride as modern life. The bombardment of noise/sound/activity/music/intensity at 100k/h still has me shaky as I type here. And of course the irony doesn’t escape me that without a break I rush home to write about it. Because I like to get a review out

Seeds gotta grow

You can have the voice, have the rap, have the tunes, even have the energy, but it’s all gotta be put together right to make a group break through from good to great. Blaqseed have almost all the elements in place. They certainly have all of the above, but they aren’t greater than the sum

Shifting revolution

It’s such an intangible thing, the reason certain music locks you out or invites you in. I don’t mean music that is vastly different in genre or form, like death metal as opposed to pop, or whatever, but music that has more similarities than differences. Basically, I’m trying to understand why Hatchetman left me cold

Still hatching

There are people I know who cannot stand Neil Young. It confounds me. Especially because they have discerning taste in literature, art and music (for the most part) that I respect and admire. Yet Neil Young often not only leaves them cold, he turns them off. Some things in life you just have to learn

Lighten up

I’m gonna risk the wrath of a nation here: America takes itself too seriously. South Africa, on the other hand, doesn’t take itself seriously enough. But let’s stick to America for the moment. Being an uncontested economic and military superpower for seven decades or more has left the national ego a tad inflated, withering irony

Worth fighting for

It’s a strange crowd in Hout Bay, I’ve been told. Well, either I haven’t been for a dop at a bar in too long or the rumour is true. I lean toward the latter. What a weird mix of Saturday night punters at La Cabane. There’s the group of pumped up okes with testosterone hitting