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Jazz&Blues: Bugging out on High Street

Without introduction, the quintet struck their notes and stated their African roots, starting off with the traditional Kudala, immortalised by The Blue Notes, with the European horns wafting the refrain with aplomb. At 10.30pm Saints, which is the venue for the Standard Bank Jazz & Blues Cafe, was full, most eyes drinking in the dexterity

Profile: Circus Schönberg – a musical trapeze act

There is always the music: Dutch musicians push into uncharted territory at the National Arts Festival, and aren’t afraid to fail. What happens when you play the wrong note? You carry on. The wrong note becomes the right note, it’s where you go from there that counts. And it does count, because music counts. Literally.

Samthing Soweto: Stretching time

“I’m not ready for this. Yho! I’m not ready for this,” annouced a young woman pacing outside the Alma Cafe in apparent mild distress yesterday. It later turned out she was quite ready, but she had me wondering exactly what ‘this’ was going to be and whether I shouldn’t be more prepared somehow. What required

Jenny and the Jameses: Give that band a Guinness

I found myself in Obs yesterday with a bit of time to spare and so wandered into Recreation Records, which is one of a handful of good second-hand vinyl stores in Cape Town. Idly flipping through the jazz, blues and South African music crates in the hope of finding a rare gem at a steal,

Benjamin Jephta sestet: Depht suite

As usual, they start without introduction: a rolling interplay between guitar and bass, Jephta coming in after setting the ball downhill rising rapid to blow out Kyle holding tight, fingers inside and out the piano holding that middle string. And off again, electric drums flaring, horns blowing in Jephta riding and pushing the wave keeping

Neolektra and Re-Mixing Music: Two strands, one thread

SOUTH African musicians can seem to be branching off into a multitude of different strands, but two concerts at the National Arts Festival expose a common progressive thread. Neolektra is a futuristic “post-apocalyptic” theatre-driven show. You’d battle to call it classical, but creator Naomi Tagg has combined classical wood and strings of violin, (Tagg) viola,

Guy Buttery: Shift your aura Dora

Get off your butt Guy Buttery! From someone who has followed you for years, bought the CDs, supported you in a crowd of six, last night’s attempt at crossing over into the world of jazz left me feeling you were in danger of becoming a bit of a granny-panny. You had the best jazzos by your

Kiffness and plays with a few kinks

TEENS and some oldies rocked Saturday night away to the unique crossover electro-jazz sound of The Kiffness at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Know for their electronic pop, The Kiffness added brass trumpet and saxophone to the driving, looping electronic base and other bells and whistles to create a sound which united traditional jazz