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The Fall of the ANC at Open Book: More blood will flow

The intellectual boxing match between Prince Mashele and Charles Nqakula at the Open Book festival’s Fugard Theater main stage yesterday evening provided fascinating insight into the battered politician syndrome. Radio talk show host and author in her own right, Redi was the referee, although she was biased to Prince, her reason not having been bought

Open Book: Imagine a city

Ironically, post-apartheid government policy has reinforced the spatial inequalities in our cities that apartheid shed so much blood to create. This is despite the “massive redistributive investment” to alleviate poverty since 1994, says Prof Edgar Pieterse, who is the director for the African Centre for Cities, a UCT-based research and teaching programme which has an

Live writing jol explores erotic noir thriller

Knysna journalist Jo Thesen reports that Live Writing – a programme of lunchtime readings, performances and book launches of innovative isiXhosa, English and Afrikaans poetry and prose led by Rhodes University’s Masters in Creative Writing (MACW) teachers and students – takes place this week. According to MACW teacher and iconoclastic poet Lesego Rampolokeng, the sessions