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Angola: Skeletons in the spotlight

The torture and murder of Umkhonto we Sizwe soldiers, carried out by their own ANC comrades in Angolan training camps, and particularly the infamous Quadro rehabilitation camp during the anti-apartheid struggle, is well documented. Shocking and disturbing facts have been brought to light by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, as well as internal ANC inquiries.

Scars: Gender, bashed

Lead dancer Tsulile Binda enters upstage right with slow magnificence, dressed in a glittering silver gown, distored by cords trailing from her waist. It emerges the cords are attached to bodies who emerge as she drags them on behind her. And so, in Scars, produced by Durban’s The Playhouse Dance Residency, we see the stereotype

Till Death: Tell it on the mountain

The tradition of male circumcison within South African cultures has come under a lot of scrutiny of late. Every July and December season the media report on injuries, amputations, and deaths that occur ‘on the mountain’, and a number of theatre productions and movies are interrogating the issue, as well as the expectations of being

Confined: Irrevocably shifted

For those fortunate to have never experienced it (which is far too few of us), it is difficult to imagine the horror of domestic abuse. What it must be like when the home, which we are wired to view – which we need – as a place of safety, the secure base from which we

Kamara: Epic fight in red and blue

  Dramatic. That’s a one word descriptor for Kamara, staged by Pacofs at the Arts Incubator’s Trade Fair hosted by the Windybrow Arts Centre at the Market Theatre this week. But the dramatism undermines the substance of the work. It feels like there is too much thrown at it rather than just working on the

Open Book: Into the minds of criminals, and hostages

  Frightening and often amusing insight into the criminal mind was delivered during Packaging the Truth at the midday Open Book session on Friday. Swedish author Jonas Bonnier, who wrote the novel Helicopter Heist, and Anneliese Burgess, author of Heist!, a deep dive into the South African cash-in-transit heist phenomena, told us how criminals see

Bad Gallerist: Ed Young goes fucktard

  30 September 2018 With some power shows opening in town tonight, I found myself having to make some tough calls — and started on impulse with Ed Young’s Bad Gallerist exhibition at SMAC, which was quite ecstatically sardonic, churlish and badass. I particularly loved the pared-down gallery walls all bleeding with the industrial muck

Endgame: Check? mate

You do not fuck with Samuel Beckett. There is a reason he gave detailed instructions on how his plays must be staged, and it is that he creates an enclosed world. Pull on any of the elements holding it together and it starts to unravel until all you have left is words falling off the