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Chasing Chairs: Skimming over the chasm

Marriage, or co-habitation, as we understand it in modern society, is the most demanding of all relationships. More so because it is entered into willingly for a greater cause, being love. Sharing our life and our space with one other person, including grumpy mornings, stressed evenings in which work deadlines loom, midnight insomnia, Sunday boredom,

NewFoundLand: A lucid vision

Occasionally, patients on the surgeon’s table experience an accidental awareness while under general anesthetic. They are able to feel the slicing of the scalpel, but, paralysed by muscle relaxant, are unable to move or cry out. Perhaps mercifully, the amnesiac effects of anesthesia wipes away this memory. It’s as if it never happened. The conscious

Virtual Frontiers: They’re Real

Francois Knoetze’s Virtual Frontiers is pretty incredible. A visual arts exhibition without art on the walls. The art lies in your own perception of the VR (virtual reality) you are experiencing. Six machines, six different videos, 13 minutes long, made from digitally edited 360-degree camera footage – of people and places all around Grahamstown and with

Kubili (2): gripping and fresh

I was gripped for the first hour, and then they ran overtime which is a festival no-no. Kubili (2) is double billed, but is more of a one-quarter and three-quarter bill. Women got the one quarter, men the other three. Notable, given that the theme is female identity and abuse of women. Durban choreographer Musa

KidCasino: All that glitters

I’ve missed a few damn good shows because there was no way I was going to GrandWest Casino to watch them. Then I sometimes wonder if I am not just being a high-faluting arse. Maybe I should get over myself and brave the jangling money monsters and faux Tuscan star-studded ceilings. But KidCasino firmly reinstated my

Mate: Seriously sassy

It’s a love recovery group. Everyone here has had their heart broken, shattered would probably be a more accurate description. Everyone here wants to find love, again. And this time it’s going to be different. This time they won’t make the same mistakes. Sound familiar? This is the ubiquitous conversation among women at countless lunch

Down to a Sunless Sea: Got Milk?

Lexi Meier presents to us another world, an alien world. It’s tactile and awkward and far, far left of centre. Let’s be honest, Meier’s stuff is weird. It’s disconcerting. Like cattle, we’re herded up and driven down to where we’re sent through the ‘machine’ for processing. The installation is made of plastic, the intestine-like tunnel

Ghostdance for One: Past is present

We never dance alone. Dance being movement, few of our gestures are truly our own. Our expressions, ways of standing, of walking, moving, are all inherited or borrowed from those we love. We are complex mirrors reflecting our relationships. This isn’t the old ‘nothing is new’ trope, but merely the observation that we assimilate what