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Mango Ginger: Fresh and zesty in Obs

Coffee shop review The geography of Observatory is such that it enables a sense of community; it has a ‘high street’ of its own separate from the main road from the city to the south, and has a continuity of architecture and narrow streets that contributes to an egalitarian sensibility. With its collection of bars,

Tamboers Winkel: Cool kitchen on Kloof

Cape Town is filled with hidden gems and known favourites, and in the ever-changing landscape of the city you might be forgiven if you don’t recognise places like Tamboers Winkel, a tiny hole-in-the-wall café on Kloof Street. But not for long. You may have walked by without noticing it but don’t be fooled, it delivers

Lucy: Treat for travellers on Long Street

  The initial plan was to pop into Royale for a Friday lunch burger, and perhaps a beer. Good memories of juicy burgers and Pulp Fiction associations were enticing. But walking down from the top of Long Street, Lucy caught our eye, and a sense of adventure replaced nostalgia. We decided to go forward, particularly

Deer Park Café: neighbourhood gem

On the steepening slopes of Table Mountain’s southern flank, dappled by the shade of towering iconic century-old stone pines which intersperse the view over the city to the harbour, sits a gem. Beloved by locals, especially those with children and dogs because it borders a fenced-in park for romping, the Deer Park Café is the