Captivating, Incisive, Prolific: Cape Mongo

Cape Mongo "Paper". Photo credit: Anton Scholtz.

Cape Mongo “Paper”. Photo credit: Anton Scholtz.

“It’s the best thing I’ve seen” … say a lot of people I’ve bumped into.

Cape Mongo is extraordinary. It’s original and unexpectedly moving.

There’s nowhere to start as the films roll in an endless cycle – the endless cycles of modern day life that the series of short films point at.

From the departure point of the rubbish and pollution our world suffers under, Francois Knoetze interrogates consumerism, waste, the social-economic divide in SA (and the world), corruption, the shameful state of SA’s education ‘system’, and the diabolic effect of our impact on and use of the earth’s resources.

In “Glass” we encounter the South African multi-billion rand wine industry. “The charm of a refined culture”. Who does it serve? Who does it hurt?

In “Metal” the food industry’s shameful waste is highlighted. Fast food – McDonalds, Burger King – those who can afford it ‘enjoy’ it. But even Shoprite, marketed as a cheap shop, exists solely to feed consumerism. Feed us. Who feeds those who can’t afford to shop?

In “Plastic” images of dying birds strangled by humanity’s debris are set starkly against popular social events like The Colour Run – our money goes to worthy causes but would preventative measures not serve the world better? Knoetze shows us our Rainbow Nation of bottle caps – our plastic, superficial rainbow.

It’s not the rubbish that’s in focus but rather the fragments and rubble of our chaotic ‘cohesive’ society. We work hard to disguise it, we work hard to make it real – but the shards of glass scratch at it and the plastic smothers it, and the paper misrepresents it.

Wow – there’s so much that Knoetze gives us to contemplate, and hopefully to take action about… will we? … words can’t articulate what his images and stories do. His videos are prolific and everyone needs to see and hear and feel them for themselves…

Cape Mongo is insightful, it’s hurtful (if you care about South Africa and the world). And it must be seen by all. Go tomorrow, screening on Sunday 12/07 from 10.00, last one at 15.00.

– Sarah Roberson

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