Butlers and Broadway: A real eye-full

Butlers-and-BroadwayA full house. A happy audience. A successful piece of commercial theatre that will make you laugh for a bit. And then you carry on with the rest of your life.

If you want to make money in theatre this is clearly how you do it. I joined the queue of snotty teenagers and snottier grampas who happily parted with their R69 (heh heh) to sit on backless metal seats in anticipation of the latest installment of the Butlers series. An audience participation, slapstick prop-comedy for all ages. Sponsored by Butlers Pizza!

The stage looked like the director had smoked a doobie and gone running through a Crazy Store, grabbing things and flinging them onto his actors. The cheap plastic props and wigs and fake guns and terrible costumes, however, weren’t nearly as terrible as the script. Its sponsors aren’t the cheesiest thing about this show.  Cringe-worthy one-liners, cum jokes and garish stereotypes paired nicely with a neon glasses, leggings and faux fur.

This may sound harsh, but actually, the play was so shabby, so crass, so gross, it was actually quite hilarious. And quite fun. And as cheap and plastic as the Chinese props they used to murder each other. Those were some of the worst stage deaths and character stereotypes I’ve ever seen but even I found myself laughing when actor’s couldn’t find their props and loud gun bangs happened after their cues.

So if you can’t afford Raiders this year, go see Butlers and Broadway. It’s like street food. It will satisfy you for 45 minutes but then you realize “you have a great big wiener in your mouth”. (Actual quote from show).

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— Kei-Ella Loewe 




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