Bad Dreams

Imagine Duke from Fear and Loathing going cold turkey from his cocktail of drugs while Mick Jagger songs looped in his mind, and the rock legend himself attempted to take over his body. Then you’ll have an idea what to expect from Mick Jagger is My Nightmare.

Mensink (the 26 year old solo star of the show) manages to evoke some of Jagger’s signature moves: his ‘hello ladies’ hips and his welcoming arms outstretched to an adoring audience, and a rhythmically tapping toe. Yet the horror of Mensinks face makes this Jagger-phantom repulsive.

He wimpers the lyrics of You Can’t Always Get What You Want into the microphone in between full body spasms, gagging noises and painful gurning. This is a highly original piece, well worth watching. It is a savage journey.

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