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Profile: Malik Work – NYC meets NAF

ADVERTISEMENT New York City in Makhanda, courtesy Malik Work. He was born when hip hop was born, in the city it was born. He’s been penning verses since he was a school kid. Now he’s bringing it to the National Arts Festival, on the Fringe. It’s developed a bad rap, hip hop, but Malik’s on

Cape Town gig guide: Winter is here

A curated list of reasons to get out the house this June Game of Thrones is over. Finally. Now we can stop goggling the box and get a life. Here’s how: Theatre If you are still finding it difficult to let go of the notion of there being more than two genders and unsettled by

The Rotten Oasis: White boy bongozozo

  It must be that at some point Brett Easton Ellis and Martin Amis met up in the subtropical highlands of southern Africa and beyond all biological comprehension spawned a bastard child as a result of an alcohol-infused vacation centered around mutual buggery. How else to explain The Rotten Oasis but as the result of

Cape Town Gig Guide: Get your goat

A curated list of reasons to get out the house in May   The nights are getting longer, but that doesn’t mean you should sit in and watch Game of Thrones. Besides, you still have to wait for it to dribble through at the rate of one episode a week (unless you’re a crook). Be

Lucy: Treat for travellers on Long Street

  The initial plan was to pop into Royale for a Friday lunch burger, and perhaps a beer. Good memories of juicy burgers and Pulp Fiction associations were enticing. But walking down from the top of Long Street, Lucy caught our eye, and a sense of adventure replaced nostalgia. We decided to go forward, particularly