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Gig Guide: Valentine’s and shit

   15 – 23 FEBRUARY:  An assortment of reasons to get out the house at night, and sometimes during the day. Valentine’s weekend dates: If you like your Valentine’s bloody, go to Black Wedding at Evol on Friday 15 Feb. Beware, this one is for lovers of the dark. There will be no pop and

Sainthood: Back to school

While boys’ schools promise to instil pride and passion and integrity and tradition, along with independent thought, a light has been shone on numerous incidents within the closeted classrooms, playing fields and dormitories that reveal there is not always so much to be proud about. Undoubtedly some of these schools provide their monies worth but

Milkman: Ingenious elision

  Anna Burns has written a Man Booker Prize-winning novel that will have you stopping, and shaking your head in wonder at the writing of it. A novel that is not about anything in particular. It provides no names, no places. Well, not as commonly assumed. Pronouns have no place here. Well, not of the

Langarm: Find a new vein

  Court injects new life into D6 while theatre reminisces The wound of empty land that is District Six can finally begin healing, perhaps. Late last month the Land Claims Court ordered the government to develop a plan for the resettlement of families pushed out by the apartheid bulldozer blades. And there’s timelines. The rural

Where She Walked: Blood calls to blood

  The former ‘homelands’ of Ciskei, Transkei, and others up north were hollowed out by the colonial and then apartheid laws that all but forced working age men to become migrant labour for the mines – with women following shortly thereafter – and the lack of rural investment and the necessity of wages has further

At the Edge of Light: No shelter

When a grand mother fails to welcome her grand daughter – no matter how unexpected the visit – and goes so far as to be hostile and suspicious, there is an immediate sense that the natural order of things has been twisted. This is the case in Wynne Bredenkamp’s At the Edge of Light, as

Curse of the Starving Class: Stay Hungry

Anyone who believes science and art are not two parts of the same whole should go watch Curse of the Starving Class directed by Sylvaine Strike. The performance demonstrates Newton’s first law of motion that when two equal and opposing forces act on an object, it will remain in a state of equilibrium. The opposing