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Yerma: Barren it ain’t

The Buddhists have it right. Desire causes unhappiness. And frustrated desire can make you crazy. Now it’s asking for a public flogging to state frustrated desire to bear a child, compounded by biological imperative, has the ability to drive some women mad with the unrelenting grief of what they are unable to have. But I

Kudu: Land claims its blood

So here we are again, have been for some time; in a tussle over land. Those who don’t have it are full of fury, and those who do full of fear. But when the furious have vanquished the fearful, when a particular interpretation of justice has been meted out, will peace then be attained? Not

Tswalo: Mystical made manifest

The cycle of birth, life and death is a rather large theme to tackle in a performance. Although, at the same time, perhaps the simplest. All encompassing, yet something each one of us has experienced, is experiencing, and will experience. Or perhaps we’ve experienced it all before, many times. Whatever your view, it’s almost impossible

Cape Town Fringe: Get experienced

This is the fourth year of the fringe but this time around it’s a whole new beast. The CBD-centric programme is gone and in its stead shows are spread across a wider range of this city’s still disparite communities. It’s a new experience for the organisors, the National Arts Festival, moving away from the previous

Samthing Soweto: Stretching time

“I’m not ready for this. Yho! I’m not ready for this,” annouced a young woman pacing outside the Alma Cafe in apparent mild distress yesterday. It later turned out she was quite ready, but she had me wondering exactly what ‘this’ was going to be and whether I shouldn’t be more prepared somehow. What required