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Nineties to now: Q & A with Knucklehead author Adam Smyer

Knuckles-to-head aptly describes the impact of Adam Smyer’s debut novel Knucklehead (reviewed on The Critter here). It is an unflinching take down of the bullshit that America expects its citizens, particularly black citizens, to swallow. And America’s cultural dominance means what Smyer has to say through the novel’s protagonist Marcus Hayes, is pertinent across much

Endgame: Check? mate

You do not fuck with Samuel Beckett. There is a reason he gave detailed instructions on how his plays must be staged, and it is that he creates an enclosed world. Pull on any of the elements holding it together and it starts to unravel until all you have left is words falling off the

Profile: Market Theatre makes its mark

In a dim, low-ceilinged National Arts Festival venue at the top of a hard-to-find staircase within the maze that is the Victoria Girls School complex, I watched a community theatre group stage a play called The Red Flag some years ago. It was before The Critter was founded in 2014 and I was then writing

The Train: Godot? Oh god no

The Train is the most absurdist little play you should never see. From five minutes in it was a question of what the fuck? Only in this case there was no question of wanting to know the answer. Waiting for a train that never comes, will never come. It’s Waiting for Godot. As a three