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Chasing Chairs: Skimming over the chasm

Marriage, or co-habitation, as we understand it in modern society, is the most demanding of all relationships. More so because it is entered into willingly for a greater cause, being love. Sharing our life and our space with one other person, including grumpy mornings, stressed evenings in which work deadlines loom, midnight insomnia, Sunday boredom,

NewFoundLand: A lucid vision

Occasionally, patients on the surgeon’s table experience an accidental awareness while under general anesthetic. They are able to feel the slicing of the scalpel, but, paralysed by muscle relaxant, are unable to move or cry out. Perhaps mercifully, the amnesiac effects of anesthesia wipes away this memory. It’s as if it never happened. The conscious

KidCasino: All that glitters

I’ve missed a few damn good shows because there was no way I was going to GrandWest Casino to watch them. Then I sometimes wonder if I am not just being a high-faluting arse. Maybe I should get over myself and brave the jangling money monsters and faux Tuscan star-studded ceilings. But KidCasino firmly reinstated my

Ghostdance for One: Past is present

We never dance alone. Dance being movement, few of our gestures are truly our own. Our expressions, ways of standing, of walking, moving, are all inherited or borrowed from those we love. We are complex mirrors reflecting our relationships. This isn’t the old ‘nothing is new’ trope, but merely the observation that we assimilate what

The Kaffirs: Cruel humour

With a play called The Kaffirs, you really don’t know. It could well be an hour of your life wasted. An hour you’ll never get back. That it’s produced by the Gauteng Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture is also not promising, although, it is intriguing that a government department would sponsor a play

Benjamin Jephta sestet: Depht suite

As usual, they start without introduction: a rolling interplay between guitar and bass, Jephta coming in after setting the ball downhill rising rapid to blow out Kyle holding tight, fingers inside and out the piano holding that middle string. And off again, electric drums flaring, horns blowing in Jephta riding and pushing the wave keeping

Pop iCheri profile: Crotch politics goes deep

At first glance it looks like a titillating student production promising expanses of bare flesh and sex. “Pop, lick, squich, ouch, yeees, no, sho, too big, yikes, yuck…” promises the programme. But Pop i Cheri, while it is about virginity, is a lot deeper than that. Market Theatre Laboratory co-directors Tumeka Matintela and Sinenhlanhla Mgeyi

Macho Macho: Pure male

Two dancers, Macho Macho, tumbling, lifting, holding falling competing supporting slapping fucking posing flexing preening. Again. And again. And again. Tumbling rolling lifting holding falling competing supporting dragging fucking tumbling rolling lifting falling competing supporting dragging fucking holding. Slap! Well done. Work harder. Sweating Breathing Gasping Shaking Winning Losing Holding The holder becoming held. As