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Profile: Market Theatre makes its mark

In a dim, low-ceilinged National Arts Festival venue at the top of a hard-to-find staircase within the maze that is the Victoria Girls School complex, I watched a community theatre group stage a play called The Red Flag some years ago. It was before The Critter was founded in 2014 and I was then writing

The Train: Godot? Oh god no

The Train is the most absurdist little play you should never see. From five minutes in it was a question of what the fuck? Only in this case there was no question of wanting to know the answer. Waiting for a train that never comes, will never come. It’s Waiting for Godot. As a three

Born Naked: Covered in drag

The venue was a code red on Rocco’s wire. All sorts of things were fucking out – lights, sounds, electricals, and director Kirsten Harris at wit’s end graciously warning that the performers in Born Naked might be dancing in the dark. Being prepped for a technical disaster worked well as a prep for the show,

Jazz&Blues: Bugging out on High Street

Without introduction, the quintet struck their notes and stated their African roots, starting off with the traditional Kudala, immortalised by The Blue Notes, with the European horns wafting the refrain with aplomb. At 10.30pm Saints, which is the venue for the Standard Bank Jazz & Blues Cafe, was full, most eyes drinking in the dexterity