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Mango Ginger: Fresh and zesty in Obs

Coffee shop review The geography of Observatory is such that it enables a sense of community; it has a ‘high street’ of its own separate from the main road from the city to the south, and has a continuity of architecture and narrow streets that contributes to an egalitarian sensibility. With its collection of bars,

The Old Man and the Sea: Sailing safe waters

Machismo is so passe. Activities such as bullfighting, drinking, arm wrestling, fishing are no longer to be revered, or be written about except in terms of irony or disapproval. It’s only natural. There has been too much blood and killing, conquest and destruction in a world teetering on the edge of annihilation. Too much of

City policies choke arts and culture initiatives

The Events By-law ‘one-size fits all’ approach makes life difficult for smaller organisations trying to do good work. Frustration with the City’s funding procedures and event permit policies have been expressed by a number of arts and culture organisations, with one internationally award-winning organisation having given up on trying to deal with local government bureaucracy.

Moonless: A trick of the light

It’s strange to call a play involving the death of a child, suicide, and self-imposed isolation sweet. But that’s the most apt description of Moonless, and it’s an ambiguous one. ‘Sweet’ is generally not a theatrical aspiration. Perhaps, given the subject matter in Moonless, this is quite an achievement, particularly as it is rather well-made.

#Selflove: Shallow waters

The irony of Insta stares at us from our phones as we scroll down one picture, one vapid Insta-story at a time. There are academics with PhDs posting daily snippets of their lives with perky commentary a thin veil for a desperate need for validation. There’s the pretty girls and their endless selfies, the topless

Still: Floating rather than diving

The patriarchy has reassembled itself after the onslaught of #MeToo, but its barricade has been pushed back and its corner of the world is a little smaller. Another push is needed, and another, and another, until the barricades are dismantled and the protection of gendered power is consigned to history, along with racism, xenophobia, religious

Unfathomable: Exquisite consolation

Love, consideration, playfulness, inventiveness, care, and an honesty that is breathtaking in its vulnerability. These qualities radiate from Unfathomable, combining to create an exquisite work of theatre. It is intriguing from the moment we walk into the venue. Alex Halligey stands arranging and rearranging notes on a suspended perspex surface. She is surrounded by glass

Samson: Trying to bring the house down

You can’t study English literature and not have read the Bible, stated Dr Wendy Jacobson a long time ago during an undergrad tutorial. It was a revelation. All those childhood years of unwillingly reading the Testaments at Sunday school and Friday night Bible study – Friday night, for god’s sake – could now be considered

Profile: Two to Tango has us laughing at ourselves

ADVERTISEMENT It’s a Mike van Graan script, reworked after a decade to incisively cut into the intersection of personal relationships and sociopolitical context we muddle through. In true van Graan style, it dissects all the serious issues while keeping us laughing at the ridiculousness of our own hypocrisy. Cape Town-based The Drama Factory used both