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Detritus for One: A physical performance piece about the ephemerality and memory of physical performance, Detritus for One, is tender, intelligently conceived,  masterfully executed,  emotionally moving and imaginatively engaging. Alan Parker references physical theatre pieces that ignited his imagination in the past, the remnants of which he recalls through physical sketches, use of props, and music.

About ability

In The Wings is not a lecturing, educational piece about physical disability preaching the need for inclusion through frustrating or brutal contexts of exclusion. It is about ability – the ability of members of a family to communicate and pave their way into their future. And it shows that disability is not only physical.

Once upon a disastar

Title: Dreams Style: Physical Theatre Concept: Lifecoach Disney; dreams do indeed come true! Style: Physical theatre to soundtrack and projections. Performers: Authentic, focused, sincere. Antrobus: Shines! Audience: Loved it.  Full house.

Crazy couple in cabaret comedy

Acting is fun! In fact, who is having more fun here? Actors Aaron McIlroy and Lisa Bobbert or their audience who lined up 30 minutes before the show to fill the Scout Hall​. The ever-popular Durban husband-wife duo are reverse evangalists, gurus who present a “motivational” television show. In rendering the 7 deadly sins undeadly