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Steke: A few loose threads

Steke has a promising start: playful and offbeat and quite quirky. The performers have talent. Saree van Coppenhagen and Boitumelo Mohutsioa won best female actresses at the inaugural Arts Incubator Trade Fair awards earlier this year. A fun camaraderie was set up between Sarie and Marie on stage and us in the crowd. “What are you

Rock to the Core: cracking the foundations

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Mamela Nyamza’s work is disruptive and provocative and alienating, sometimes ugly, sometimes unbearable in its unrelenting purpose, always hard-hitting. It’s not easy to watch four women in garish, clashing outfits and stiletto heels carefully side-stepping and back-stepping, keeping in line for what seems ages. Mostly because

Abangabonwa (The Unseen): Go, See

Rousing drumming and the mbira’s twanging fills the hazy air. A faint yet distinct burning smell lingers. Bodies pulsate. Swift fling. Sharp grab. Resist. Rebound. Relentless undulation. A trance state washes down from the stage into the auditorium. These aren’t dancers performing rehearsed moves. They are people. Being, living. Sharing their concerns, their pride, their

Virtual Frontiers: They’re Real

Francois Knoetze’s Virtual Frontiers is pretty incredible. A visual arts exhibition without art on the walls. The art lies in your own perception of the VR (virtual reality) you are experiencing. Six machines, six different videos, 13 minutes long, made from digitally edited 360-degree camera footage – of people and places all around Grahamstown and with

Kubili (2): gripping and fresh

I was gripped for the first hour, and then they ran overtime which is a festival no-no. Kubili (2) is double billed, but is more of a one-quarter and three-quarter bill. Women got the one quarter, men the other three. Notable, given that the theme is female identity and abuse of women. Durban choreographer Musa

Down to a Sunless Sea: Got Milk?

Lexi Meier presents to us another world, an alien world. It’s tactile and awkward and far, far left of centre. Let’s be honest, Meier’s stuff is weird. It’s disconcerting. Like cattle, we’re herded up and driven down to where we’re sent through the ‘machine’ for processing. The installation is made of plastic, the intestine-like tunnel

4: Mixed Bag, Mixed Feelings

Using Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” as a point of departure, four choreographers have each created a ‘season’ with the dance students of Oakfields College. Ok, the truth is I liked much of 4 but with some elements, I wasn’t sold. The choreography is excellent – it should be with Sunnyboy Motau, Bailey Snyman, Gladys Agulhas, and