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Wanderer: all that glitters is not gold

Yowzerz. It’s easy to figure out how Wanderer was selected for the main. Energy! Pizazz! All the lights! Smoke! Live electric guitar! Pow! Dance technique to kill for! Phwoah! Six athletes power through a gruelling performance alternating between action packed unison and duet battles and mechanical gestural work and stiflingly still moments. Their movement quality

Quickies: Ordentlik

Ordentlik. The Afrikaans word is heard to describe… a hearty meal, a well-organised event, or a decent person. Who, or what system, sets the rules for “decent”? Well, that’s what Ordentlik asks and considers. Ordentlik is nice, neh. Ordentlik is praised. Hallelujah. Ordentlik is drilled in deep. In the dungeons of the monument to colonisers,

Quickies: 2Dee

Suspend your disbelief and cross over into the shadows, is what we’re asked to do in 2Dee. Avril Cummins stitches together a series of short scenes, either with narrated stories or the soundtrack playing, and the action is played out using the ancient form of shadow play. While Avril twirls a mobile of colourful birds,

Quickies: Warona

This is why we love the fringe. Singing to give you goosebumps, enviable ensemble connectivity, and puppets in the style of Handspring. Well, that’s because the Ukwanda Puppets and Designs Collective was founded by several former members of the Handspring Puppet Company. To whoever sculpted the dog puppets in Warona, we thank you. Yes, there

Metamorphosis: Kafka transformed

Kafka. My man. Existentialism! Yes! Director Alby Michaels and the incomparable cast of William Harding, Ameera Patel, Khutjo Green, and Craig Morris (who choreographed too) do superb justice to The Metamorphosis. Quick-quick if you don’t know: The story surrounds the grim life of Gregor Samsa, a hard-working young man, and his sister Grete and parents