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Sweet moerkoffie

If you go to Pondoland you are more than likely to see a Xhosa farmer in a leather cowboy hat with country and western blaring from his Mahindra bolero. I don’t like country. No, still don’t get turned on by Johnny Cash. But last night Luna Paige and her band (Schalk Joubert on bass, Kevin Gibson

Occupying the ultimate male taboo

Guy Buttery played a few chords and I tjanked into my last cup of coffee. Guy is a South African and global musical treasure and I enjoy finding SA identity in his compositions. But these unmanly tears were, in fact, more of an aftershock. A few minutes earlier I was part of a silent bunch of

Speak up!

Tables has the potential to be charming, but it falls short. So what if it’s a bourgeois essay on young white middle class love in the city bowl? Well, it could have been more. It could have delved into hipster culture of 23-year-olds, explored the real dynamics of the young adult roaming the hard-edged inner city and

Western man has f****ed up sex

FAAAAAARRRRRK! Marius Mensink, a Theatre Academy Maastricht graduate in the prime of youth, is appearing topless at the German Club tomorrow at 3pm and on Hiddingh on Wednesday 9.30pm and and Thursday 4pm. The mark of great art is that it happens with or without you. The performance a few minutes ago was without you,

Shakin’ booty in Tutu’s tavern

Only in Cape Town will you find a smooth, schweet dinner-jorl venue buried in the basement of one of our most famous kerks, St George’s Cathedral. The Crypt, in silky navy, with granite pillars and plaques checkering the walls in rememberance of umlungus who got Darwinned by the (bleeps), is an oddity if ever.

Back to the swamp

Problem with youth is they can be such codgers! Steve Kretz and Rosa-Karoo, 19, are getting all anal and technical about Crave. But they miss the point: Crave utterly intends to get in your face, like. Stop looking for meaning in text, just go with it and it’s … well Sylvia slipped into the river

On a limb

It’s touching, hilarious and exciting watching the NAF get into their groove far, far out from their comfort zone. I got the tour. City Hall, acres of grand olde space meets the bunting fairie lights, the Jackson Pollock-splash logo. Dudes in climbing helmets and harnesses stepping out the clunky little grill-door lift, and funky, weather-proofed