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Die with a full heart

Who is Johhny Boskak? Do we know him? Not really. Sort of… No-ja. Who is Craig Morris? We know him, this artist, here in the NGK Kerk saal, performing on a remote, disconnected Saturday afternoon, in Gatstad.

Show some guts

Finally! A post-modernist epiphany for schmucks. Hirsch,  a tyrant, a prick, a genius, a holocaust “hollow ghost”. The boy, a foreign national fleeing post-Nazi Poland, who chose the farthest place in the world. Canada, where the ghosts of his arts community, his mother’s laugh to the death, inspired a great little theatre.

We can take the artistic heat, says Government

GOVERNMENT will be criticised at the 41st National Arts Festival, but artists have been assured that the ruling party “can take the heat”. Deputy minister of arts and culture Rejoice Mabudafhasi told the media launch of the festival in Grahamstown last night that constructive criticism was good, as long as it was “patriotic”.

Joan shows some love and affection

The phone rings. Joan Armatrading is calling. Why does she call me? The British singer-songwriter, whose intensely personal lyrics, unique tunes and rhythms have served as the soundtrack for an entire generation in South Africa, is coming to perform in Cape Town, East London, Durban and Johannesburg between 3 and 11 July. Armatrading, 42 years


Lake is for families, aka children, so asking them to come to a show at 8.30pm on a Friday night was not a wise programming choice. But some came, about 25 of us, and Ryan Dittman and Jaques de Silva gave us a fine performance.

This democracy is punctured

We don’t cry during The Year of the Bicycle because it is soppy. We wail because it so damn defiant. We know South Africa has become a shit pit. In Inkandla we see our freedom, our dreams, our Mandela memories putrifying. Somebody obviously forgot to tell Joanna Evans and crew that that we are not