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Bird or boner?

I am always curious when the fest sales figures come out. They will be out at noon, promises CEO Tony Lankester. There’s always a bit of a moment around these dull stats as if, after 41 years, the I-told-you-so grundies, and those in the arts who hunger to have the extravaganza land on their big-city

Comedy has wilted

Comedians took a hit at the NAF Ovation awards ceremony on Sunday morning. To whit: “Judges noted that this year is the first time a stand-up comedy act had not received a Silver or Gold Ovation Award. They said South African comedians should perhaps push themselves out of their comfort zones to present fresher, edgier

Netherlands wins NAF standing ovation

ARTS links with the Dutch which have endured since the anti-apartheid struggle were celebrated when at the National Arts Festival (NAF) awarded the Kingdom of the Netherlands with its top Standing Ovation award yesterday. The 450-show Eastern Cape-originated 12-day outburst of arts came to an end with

Held by love

Ray Phiri performed at the Guy Butler Theatre with a broken rib and only days after his wife died. More performance art but he pulled it off. Front row seat: saw every grimace and wince. He cried and wiped his face with tissues. Tea was brought for the 68-year-old artist. Awesome music with some dreadful

Bouncing along

Jemma Kahn has got great performance boobs. Perhaps we have become spoiled and jaded. People want to relive the epiphany of The Epicene Butcher. Jemma wants to move on, collaborate, explore.

imMEDIAte: The dance of class

imMEDIAte: We ask, you answer, we post. Nomcebisi “Nom” Moyikwa, 24, of Fingo Village, Grahamstown. What are you? A mother, choreographer, performer, teaching facilitator, part-time teacher in movement,  administrator of the First Physical at Rhodes and co-founder and director of choreography for the National Arts Festival-supported Creative City project of Grahamstown.


Age restricted: Under 18 You go to the ballet, the philharmonic, Andrew Buckland, you support the Standard Bank young artist winners, read Cue and follow the ovations. And then you just want to say fuck all of that. And fuck SA, and dolphins, and art, and this piece, and even the final sacrilege, you burn