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Oomasisulu: 20th Century activism for all

DRAMATISING the life of African National Congress hero Albertina Sisulu was always going to be a difficult process involving hard choices, but director Warona Seane and team have presented a work which avoids a lectorial discourse on liberation politics, and instead shows a steely commitment to delving into the emotional heart of this rock of

Snow on passes could be disruptive

Oops, SA Weather Service says snowfalls may be heavier on mountain passes than expected and may even be “disruptive”. Take care and enjoy those African snowscapes! Windguru says frontal cloud will hit Grahamstown at 5pm. It’s windy now. Please find a summary of the expected weather for the Eastern Cape from the SA Weather Service:

Arts not farts

In 24 festivals, I have never been unable to get into a show. Silly that, but still says something about access, and today after decades of dodgy behaviour involving using and abusing the most amazing ticket ever, my press card, I decided to buy my own tickets for shows I just want to enjoy, aside

Festival coats – check!

IT will snow on big mountain approach passes on Friday, probably in the afternoon. But the falls should not be that long, giving hope that roads will stay open. More of an issue for motorists will be a gale force south-westerly from Plett to Port Alfred, saving petrol for Capetonians. Here in Grahamstown today a

There will be water

THERE was water in the Critter house’s taps in central Grahamstown this morning. And there wasn’t. A bit of a widdle but it’s all coming back as promised by Makana Municipality’s earnest mayor Nomhle Gaga at yesterday’s media launch opener. She promised a show of engineering like no other to get water through the system,

Tony talks as festival pilgrimage planned

As hundreds of shows and their artists are hitting the road for the annual pilgrimage to Africa’s biggest arts festival which will set Grahamstown spinning for 11 days from 30 June to 10 July, National Arts Festival CEO Tony Lankester spoke about the latest changes to the 42-year-old arts extravaganza. The first-ever direct cash injection