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Black Light: The underground is happening

The room is pumping. Strobes, smoke, the tang of spray painters, chest-bursting 80s electro-pop synth and base, and there above the DJ table are two artists posturing in glitter in a celebration of representational erotica which is so exaggerated it is hilarious and tremendous fun. Hipsters and bohemians in flowy, grungy jackets and tight jeans

I am Somebody: The techno Olympics of happiness

By Sheena Stannard: This techno, clowning music show launches us into an immediate state of childlike glee. Swedish Sirqus Alfon is on a mission to spread enjoyment, love and self-belief. Using incredible digital tricks and visual illusions with technical high jinks, the three clown musos intoxicate the 400 of us in the Guy Butler Theatre

Art and money: The grooming of fest

The donkeys are still here, the drums can be heard, he fires are burning at the Albany Club where the drinks are flowing. It is warm, can cold at any point, and the shows are on! Many, many changes have gripped this original idea of poet Guy Butler’s for a monument to living arts and

Red Soil / Brown Soil: Sensitive ruminations of home

  I experienced this duet as if it were a performed, intimately personal, journal of ruminations on home and home-coming through the spirit. Fragments, and inter-connected stories – some poetic, others anecdotal — and visual moments are presented through vignettes using various performance modes (spoken text, object theatre, puppetry and physical expression) and a variety