Kei Ella Archive

Kontinuum: A Dream

Stashed away in the pokey Bowling Club venue, between empty  coffee cups and empty tables covered in comedy show flyers, the ‘inst-inst’ of the dusty neon fairground playing in the background, Kontinuum is a rare and beautiful find. It’s a multi-media, sand art, shadow puppet, animated love story set to the live sounds of a musician who plays

Ebola: Hilda Cronje’s heart in darkness.

Hilda Cronje is a captivatingly beautiful actress who performs quite compellingly.  We know this from seeing her in Mies Julie.  In this piece, which she also researched, co-wrote and the physical aspects of which she choreographed, one feels her ownership of the work in her performance, which adds an edge and urgency to her acting

Dangled: Tables and chairs beware

*Warning. This post contains spoilers *And swearing Holy balls, now this is a good play! Deranged, disgusting, perverted, crass and fucking hilarious. Written by the cape’s Lord of the Dark Side himself, Louis Viljoen and performed by Festival sweetheart Rob Van Vuuren, Dangled proves to be the bastard offspring of a match made in hell. And that’s

Dead Yellow Sands: Time stands still

How fragile we are. How existentially tenderly, and with such compassionate a sense of being human, are these stories written and told! Graham Weir, with the formally suited, sage-like appearance of a hermit, or prophet, sits in exquisitely choreographed light and shade (life and death?), lighting being his co-performer, telling his tales of human resilience,

Sacre for one: Muscle Memory

Alan Parker’s Sacre for One was intense, quirky and vulnerable. Parker transposes thought into dance as he attempts to unravel a timeline of choreography. In red underpants. Stepping through the past hundred years of performances of Vaslav Nijinsky’s Rite of Spring (Or Le Sacre du printemps), spurred on by the pounding of Igor Stravinsky’s famous