The Bookbinder: Sometimes you have to break a leg to make an omelette

The power of a fairy tale is that good always triumphs.

No matter how many times you have to read the same story to your child their psyche needs the reassurance of safety provided by the story.

The Bookbinder’s apprentice is a hero’s journey is to heal the broken part of himself and the hole at the centre of the world.

The apprentice, is evocatively, mysteriously marvelously played by Ralph McCubbin Howell.

His roasty, gruff English sets up this dark fairy tale set in an atmospheric, Dickensian shop.

In fact, turns out we are the apprentices on a mission to save the world – after we have torn it up and burned a hole in its heart.

The stagecraft, set, use of lighting, and musical soundtrack are subtle and exquisite.

The use of a pop-up book and shadow puppetry were lovely aesthetic storytelling devices and there could have been more.

The text is rich fable with well-placed humour which broke tension and mitigated the darkness.

We are all bookbinders needing to repair the horror of our ways.




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