I am Somebody: The techno Olympics of happiness

By Sheena Stannard: This techno, clowning music show launches us into an immediate state of childlike glee.
Swedish Sirqus Alfon is on a mission to spread enjoyment, love and self-belief.
Using incredible digital tricks and visual illusions with technical high jinks, the three clown musos intoxicate the 400 of us in the Guy Butler Theatre using spectacle and audience participation, which has evolvedĀ  on a far and fabulous journey from street performance.
We are at an awesome rock concert with a whacky Eurovision variety show feel.
Mime, playing, singing, rapping, breakdance, voguing, Bollywood, reggae, robot, all come to the party.

The primary theatrical element is sound. Amidst techno, electronica and EDM (electronic dance music), they also perform original pop songs.
Mind-blowing, spectacular, not to be missed, or you will regret it.

From 13-year-olds to ballies, everyone was totally into this show.
Thursday: 6pm, and Friday 11am.

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