Jazz & Blues Cafe: Oh so blue

Giant speakers armed with the trumpeting sounds of Fredrik Noren dunking and dipping first to third valves of the trumpet echo through Saint’s Bistro. Nicholas Williams on piano transports you out of any grey areas through black and white keys.

The sound of the Gretsch cymbals played by Kevin Gibson continuously hit you into reality. The blue and red lighting is like blood on Picasso’s work.

Body movement and bass sounds from Shaun Johannes slide into your face and back to the stage. The show is an incredible experience. A jam session that invites the audience into a world of jazz.

Minor and major notes of the late South African tenor saxophonist Winston Monwabisi “Mankunku” Ngozi, are incorporated as township horns blowing your mind into the peripheries of Retreat, Cape Town. The commemoration to the late legend is a composition of blue, outstanding notes.

The trumpet transports you into the township sounds of Bra Hugh Masekela. It moves you from your comfort zone into the isolated peripheral sounds of minor notes.

The song Mankunku takes you deep into the township. It sounds like Kofifi would sound. It is out of this world, screaming endless hallelujahs and amens, psalted into the composition of the Standard Bank Jazz & Blues Café like Psalms.

Asanda Mqiki plays the SB Jazz & Blues Cafe on Tues 2 July at 10.30pm. Sessions featuring various artists are also on July 3, 4, and 5 at 10.30pm.

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